Pull/drop history


When it was released I played pokemon go for a while and just now it came to my mind a nice feature that could be appreciated by many Empires & Puzzles players: the journal.
In short, it shows a history of pokemons caught and were they were caught, or items gathered and were they were gathered.
Here’s an example from the web:

Since many players here try to track mats gathered, heroes pulled and so on, wouldn’t it be useful a history that looks like the folloiwing?

  • 16 min ago: pulled Friar Tuck from training camp 20 (F**K HIM)
  • 1h ago: got feathers, herbs, 10xgems from monster chest
    and so on

If it was exportable to a .csv or something like that it would be a wet dream for some, but even the visual history alone would be nice imo