Pull chances

Are there any stats if its more effective to pull a specific hero in a single/10/30 pull?

The only difference is less average gem cost per pull when you go up in numbers. 1 is 300 each, 10 is 260 each. In portals where you can do 30 pulls the cost reduces compared to lower pull amounts

Only thing to recommend single and lower pull quantities is that you can stop if you get what you want

In terms of anything getting more likely, unfortunately no result gets more likely. You just get more chances at exactly the same odds. You cannot do anything to change the odds, and any “method” that suggests you can is very likely to be superstitious claptrap

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Some people will say that there are patterns in the random numbers so that if you’re having bad luck you might continue to have luck… or I’d you pull well, you may be on a streak.

I haven’t found that compelling as an argument based on my experience in the game. Since the odds are what they are, it should not matter if you pull 1/10/30 if each roll is randomized