Public alliances should auto-kick people that are inactive for 3 months

Show me where everybody thinks it’s fine, all hundreds of thousands or millions of players say they want non-active accounts clogging up their alliance. You could have a bug for anything, that’s not a good argument either. You just seem like you want to be contentious for no reason. I did explain, try re-reading.

Yeah, such a large amount of players that you have one vote on this thread and no one is agreeing with you… The confusion is you complaining about something which no one else really see’s as an issue and then insisting that a large amount of players see it as an issue. Your issue can easily be resolved by you…

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So far this thread has just about everyone disagreeing with you. Your argument that people should be autokicked simply because you don’t want to take the effort to either start a new alliance or find another active one speaks more about you and not the game.

You still haven’t explained why you haven’t done so despite being asked numerous times. I just think you like complaining and playing the victim.

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I’ve been in an alliance with 29 members and sometimes I think they’re zombies


One reason for an autokick for inactive players is that if you are shopping for an alliance you really can be misled by the makeup of the alliance. It may look like a big strong alliance of 28 members, but you have to explore each member to see if it is really an active alliance. The auto kick would clean that up. It would make it less frustrating for people to leave alliances when they are not happy.

Naw we like our graveyard and resting alliance. It doesn’t hurt anything if someone misses war a few times it automatically opts them out so there’s no way to be matched with a dead alliance…

If you’re living in a dead ish alliance that’s on you. You can leave. The leaders can choose to keep who they want. After 3 wars it auto opts then from war so that isn’t even true.

We have 2 alliances one fully active and one housing our retired and where we go to rest. It hurts nothing. Some places are relaxed that’s the leaders choice. If your leader is dead. The person can and should leave. It’s not hurting anything. It’s a kindness they let us have places like nerd palace and tranquility dock so we can see our retired players we miss.


It’s very easy to see how active each player is. And you can also shop in alliance recruitment to make sure the leader is active also.


Just hit leave.

If the leader is gone then why doesn’t someone just message everyone, create a NEW alliance, and everyone can just move to THAT alliance.

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The game has a partial solution to this already.

This be a part reason having active leader …to boot inactive players …also part leader is to keep recruiting for active players … if leader is inactive leader ought pass role to more active members elder or co lead …to help boost team active play …

Yes if team goes inactive team players ought be boot n team closed . If players come be active again …would need to either restart new team or join a already existing active team…

I think the option for an auto-kick would be nice, especially if it had some flexibility in terms of timeframe. Some alliances are more flexible than others.