Public alliances should auto-kick people that are inactive for 3 months

The way the alliances work in this game is bad since you have a bunch filled with inactive players and it makes the game worse for Alliance wars, Titans and Alliance Quest Event.

People can always rejoin an alliance if they come back.

on the other hand, an active leader should also be able to clean up the membership :slight_smile:


My Alliance leader is MIA for several months. I’m in another alliance on another account and they have a bunch of inactive members also. I don’t see any downside to auto-kick since it’s not banning them, they can come back if they become active again.

fair, I did not consider that some alliances leaders can go inactive

Demotion of Inactive Alliance Leaders. This came out in 2021. No login activity from an alliance leader in 30 days. Push notification warning goes out. On the 45th day another warning goes out. On the 60th day a new leader will be automatically assigned from the existing members. Typically a co-leader will be auto promoted.


Mind you that only works if someone was pronoted elder or co-leader. If they were the only non-member status, then they don’t get demoted.

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My advice is that if you’re in an alliance with what seems like several had abandoned there accounts. A good sign that the leaderships not actively doing there job. Recruiting will be almost non-existent. Best to move on then either start your own alliance or join another.


Regardless of whether or not a player can adjust to the faulty system is not a reason not to fix the faulty system. I’d like to see the faulty alliance design fixed.

There’s tools already at hand. Promotion & Demotions and also a Kick button. Then there’s the Invitations Only option. On top of this is the alliances mission statement that’s right on the banner. There’s also line and discord. They’ve also provided the Leave Alliance button.

It really is a solution looking for a problem. It really sounds like you landed in a dead alliance where no one was promoted to any standing otherwise you can kick people out. I don’t see why you just don’t take the active members and start your own alliance. That is how I got started with mine when tge active grouo just started a new one. Any reason why you would be so attached that you don’t leave?


In my first alliance I know of people who aren’t kicked even though they haven’t been online for months / years. It’s sentimental, they were well liked players or alt accounts and they have space so those players will never be kicked.

Each alliance deals with inactivity (and everything else) the way they see fit. The trick is finding an alliance (and there are many) where you like the way they do things and moving on once you don’t.

And yet there are still problems with alliances with a bunch of people that don’t play, none of what you said have solved that problem.

I don’t want to run an alliance. There shouldn’t be a need for it if this auto-kick was implemented.

Make a private alliance then or allow the leader to select people that remain. Degrading the game for active players just to keep a bunch of inactive people in alliances is a poor trade off.

You haven’t explained why you just don’t leave for a more active alliance. That would have been the first thing I would have done. And you know there isn’t much to running an alliance if you don’t want to. Just tell the active players you want to start another alliance and go to it. If you don’t want to handle kicking people out or running the alliance then promote one of the others to do so. I’m sure there’s someone else who must be as frustrated. OTOH if no one is using the chat, then no one else really cares which leads to finding another alliance.

Edit: If you don’t really want to do any of the above, then to me, you pretty much sound like an inactive player by my standards.


As I’ve already explained:

You haven’t explained why my idea is bad you are just arguing for ways to deal with the faulty system. What you think is an inactive player does not make an inactive player, your standards don’t make any sense and are factually inaccurate.

I’m very confused to the issue here… Zombie Alliances are not really a hinderance to anyone but those live members in the alliance who have the option of leaving therefore removing the hinderance for those members. Why “fix” an issue which isn’t an issue?

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:

Nope, you think it’s a faulty system. Everyone else thinks that things are fine. The minute you start asking the game to start to autokick people, means that you’re just going to invite a real bug where people start getting kicked out randomly because now the game has a mechanism to do so.

And yet you still don’t explain why you don’t leave an inactive alliance.


at the very least the “last active” ought to be on their banner instead of clicking them to see it.

It’s pretty obvious I don’t see what the confusion would be, if you play the game and are familiar with alliances and how they are a part of the game and why people join them. It is an issue because it’s hampering the quality of the game for a large amount of players.