☀ Ptolemy – Season 5 Hero – 4* Nature / Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I just got a dupe of him from the Black Friday Summon, does anyone think it’s worth having 2?

Depends on play style. I wouldn’t keep more than one and I have 700 roster spots.

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I have a 2nd copy unlevelled to be used if i had no green project’s but tbh i have in green waitlist 4x 5* , 4x 4* before getting to the 2nd Ptolemy so in all honesty may not get around too. (I have 199 roster spots but am vc2p/f2p)
Waiting on feeders, resources & materials to level them…
You wouldnt use 2 Ptolemy on the same team, but backup healers are always handy for minor war teams, or events/ quests where heros have limited number of uses. The disclaimer is depends on your roster and resources.


only reason I would keep 2 would be for quests like Green COE or Ninja Tower.

I fed my 2nd away though. for Green COE I have enough other (over)healers; for Ninja Tower too, I have enough other ailment blockers or cleansers

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