☀ Ptolemy – Season 5 Hero – 4* Nature / Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Thank you! I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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I recently leveled and started using him he is an awesome 4* hero. Especially, also a very good counter to Pengi rendering his secondary attack useless, because each hit applies a status ailment which is healed back up. In Combination with a taunt hero Pengi is effectively useless.

I put him next to Ludwig, preventing ailment flips.


Just joined the Ptolemy club, I had my mind set on him, only him, and got him with one pull :slight_smile:


Nice! Never happens to me know lol I wanted yellow piggy from S3 and all my summons have been failing me for quite some time now…

I haven’t leveled Ptolemy but he is definitely on the top my green list after 2C Elkanen.


Finally remembered to try him with the bunnies. His synergy with them is excellent. Lepus doesn’t get his defense down. Killhare’s defense down only affects two of my team. ZERO of my team if the other two are Kunchen and Malosi (who I have, or any other you have who resist defense down).

Also really cool: I set off Ptolemy just before firing Alfrike against S1 clerics . . . and he protected her from the status there too! Great stuff.


Anyone got a screen shot of him LB2, def emblems path?

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I am using him a lot. And thinking about lb him twice. Is it really worth it?

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I don’t think twice. He’s super useful on 4* tournaments but in the overall scheme of things, a heal 3 only healer isn’t that useful.

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Yes, he is. I’ve got him LB2, and use next to Shrubbear (in my green team). Put him on the left side and even when your all team has been “alfriked”, he can clean the rest with his passive :slight_smile:

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Agree but Ptolemy heals all, ailment protection is to 3


Oh shoot, my brain was on Brynhild. Thanks for the correction ProfP!!!


Depends on your own roster and resources.
It was worth it for me and i use him alot.

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He’s good, but If you can get Melendor 2nd costume, it’s another Level…

My point of view is that 4* hero There is only S1 with 2 costume + some very specific heroes which are Worth LB2

By specific I mean hero that are unique and do things that no S1 dors. Like Almur, the ■■■■ from mighty pet,…
Not a healer even If hi can cleans/ protect… ( Sabina C2 des it better)

S1 are so overpowered in comparaison to other 4*… Look at their statistics. And They get +5% mana + super talent…

Look this comparaison Between Ptolemy, average 4* and a S1C2. And Cyprian keep making 500 HP minion every 2-3 turn ( I don’t found Melendor)

And S1 4* are easy to get, even for f2p


I understand. Thanx for all the replies. I dont have green 5* healers. So i guess dlb Ptolemy is a good idea. Gambling to get the melendor costume and waiting for him is not a good plan. He could elude me like he has done till now. (i didnt get his first costume in like 250 pulls over 2 years)

I do have cyprian though and I am working on him :slight_smile:

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Here is my C2 Melendor LB1. He is not LB2 and his health is lower but the ATK and DEF are comparable with Ptolemy LB2. I wouldn’t LB2 Ptolemy. He is just a basic healer.

Any s1 with costume x 2 bonus is decent, i love my c2 boldtusk. I got c2 melendor recently but never bothered lb his first costume (even though he was my first 4* healer) as i personally prefer Ptolemy straight heal (over C melendor heal over time which is easily cleansed) and Ptolemy passive for boosted health goes off very often. The status ailment protection pairs very well with certain heros like a taunter. Personally i like running 2 healers in each war team, one with straight heal and the other heal/boost over time. Eg i like pairing Ptolemy with C. Gaderius who boosts health over time and does attack up. If i didnt have him i would consider c2 melendor for titan team. I also just got Heimdall s5 hero so he will likely take over as my green healer in green stack and Ptolemy relegated to my 6th war team.

But value is subjective based on personal preference of playstyle and your available options.

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I do have gadeirus and costume. Still on 1/1 his slow ness is holding me back. so is he worth it?
I will dlb ptolemy when i have finished dlb caedmon 2nd costume :slight_smile:

Worth considering c Gaderius (refer to that forum thread, but on my blue titan team and was my only booster for a long time).
For me being c2p / f2p i mostly work with what i get and most of my main heros were 4* until i slowly get materials to ascend the 5* i have on the bench.
Ptolemy did get relegated from my main defense team for a 5* healer, but still works well in one of my main war teams. Double LB 4* can keep up with 5* so i dont regret it.

I get it. I use now Almur, Franz, Ptolemy, 2c caedmon and Shar’Khai on blue titan. I get normaly around 50K dmg per attack on 12* titan with this team (without using much battle items). I am very unlucky with green 5* heroes. So maybe gadeirus with the attack bonus would help instead of Ptolemy