Psych Ward Recruiting

Psych Ward is looking for new members. Strong alliance, currently fighting 7 & 8* Titans. Fun and helpful members. 1,200 trophy min. Must be active, hit titan daily. Come join the madness! ***3 spots!!

we have 3 alliances so if you chose us be sure to choose the main “psych ward” . look forward to having you on our team!

2 spots available now

The Psych Ward Family is a worldwide group of English Speaking alliances who actually care about the game and about players. We have a Motto too which I’ve added at the end. There are 3 alliances in it with different requirements …

Psych Ward South - Level is not required. 0 to 400 trophies A beginner alliance of low level players. - Full up atm. Line and FB is optional.

Psych Ward North - Level 20+ with 600 plus trophies but we can work around trophies. An alliance of Mid Level Players - Looking for a player. Line and FB is optional.

Psych Ward - 3400 power with 2000 trophies. An alliance of High Level Players. - Looking for a total of 2 players. Line is required. FB is optional.

The motto of us is simple … We are a family oriented, relaxed yet competitive group of alliances. We don’t rely on Mercs much because we know with Teamwork we can beat Titans. We are friendly. Any questions, ask. We do Wars well with the ease of experience.

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