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Announcing Equator Alliances

East of the Equator, a long standing team with accomplished players in the top several hundred alliances, is pleased to announce our expansion to a multi alliance. All our players benefit from our community with

  • extensive resource library
  • development and mentoring advice
  • warm and welcoming, it all has to be for fun!
  • International: Spanning the globe from Canada to Australia

Spots are available in

East of the Equator:

  • 2000 cups entry
  • Advanced and experienced players
  • Socially Competitive, we hit hard but no midnight alarms needed!
  • 100% Participation in Titan hitting & Wars (We don’t just claim it, we actually do it!)
  • 11* & 12* Titans
  • Sounds like the right place for you? Drop by our Discord Server (just click on the link below) for a chat to see if we are a good fit for each other! (no one wants to waste good gaming time joining the wrong team!)

West of the Equator:

  • 1400 cups entry
  • Intermediate and relaxed players
  • development and training to prepare players for East of the Equator
  • entry currently open, find us in game

Just interested in game play tips and advice? - join our Knowledge Seekers section on Discord

Over 18s only. Discord mandatory as part of our community:
Hope to see you soon!

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