PSA - Optimal strategy for feeding duplicates to max special skill

If you have a duplicate of a hero that you are leveling and intend to fully level/ascend in the future…DO NOT feed the duplicate until the keeper hero is fully levelled/ascended. Yes, feeding a duplicate while levelling your hero grants 25% roll on special skill increase plus loads of exp which is obviously very attractive. BUT if you wait until your hero is fully levelled/ascended and feed a dupe, it is a 100% guaranteed special skill level up!! Of course if you reach 8/8 special skill or are guaranteed to reach 8/8 early in the levelling/ascending slog then this strategy does not apply, go ahead and feed if your hero is hungry :blush:

Note I can only confirm this is true for 2 and 3*, though I’m certain someone will verify it works for 4/5* heroes as well

Please bump or sticky this thread so all players are aware, as I don’t believe this is widely known info. I just got a ton of dupes from wonderland pulls and did a LOT of searching/reading on this forum, specifically looking for advice on managing duplicate heroes and feeding strategies and I never came across this crucial information. I assume this feature was added w recent update and so some of the popular older threads/player guides did not have this info. (I’m a new player, started Jan. 2019)

I unfortunately had to learn this on my own after burning a lot of my dupes the ‘wrong’ way grrrrrr…If you care to know how here is the story:

I needed to rid dupes to clear roster space after my wonderland 10x pulls and I started w Friar Tuck who I had been unlucky in levelling so far (early 3rd ascension, special level 2/8). I decided to feed the 3 dupes separately with some other 1/2* feeders to get three 25%+ rolls rather than one 75%+ chance roll. I did this for several other unleveled/partially levelled 3* heroes as well. Finally I went to try and give my 3/50 Azar a special increase (from 5/8) and when I added the single dupe Azar in the level screen the special skill increase percentage showed 100%! Shocked, I tried to replicate this effect w a 2* Layla and sure enough, fully maxed, her dupe was offering 100% chance at special increase! Lesson learned too late…clearly, I should have waited until Friar Tuck and my other heroes were 3/50 to feed the dupes which would’ve guaranteed multiple special increases #regrets


It’s definitely a nice new feature, and something that people should keep in mind when leveling 3* heroes (4* and 5* are incredibly unlikely not to max out the special before max level).

You’ll find the change to level-up percentage in the release notes of v18. It’s the first entry under “Smaller Fixes and Changes”:

Note that all special increase probabilities are quintupled at max level. So 10 same-color 1* or 5 same-color 2* will also give a 100% chance to increase the special.

It definitely hasn’t been retrofit into any of the old leveling guides since it’s a fairly new change. Mostly, it has been talked about in-place in various threads where people have asked specific questions on increasing special level.


Wow! Never noticed that either! That is awesome that ALL rolls for max levels are 5x…I guess hoarding dupes is not as important as I thought since you can train 5-10 same color 1/2* fairly easy…I think that’s more than a “small change” tho :joy: people need to be shouting this from the rooftops!


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