PSA: don't use a single 1* hero as a valid AW defensive strategy for everyone in your alliance

As has been stated elsewhere, your point value is determined by the ratio of your defensive team’s HP compared to the rest of the defenses in your alliance: so if you’re all running the same defense, you’re also all worth identical points.

Your total team value is close to 2k (rounding errors or something else going on which skews the numbers a little bit on a full alliance kill) so this is non-trivial points on absurdly easy defenses if you do this.

Someone did actually try it on this war, and this is the result after the first set of 3 flags each:


ETA: this wasn’t a protest defense, they were actually attacking and scoring legit points off the opposing alliance in this war… unfortunate as this strategy ruined the war for both alliances.


To be fair, they were trying to exploit a loophole where they wpuld eat their defense, leaving no way to score against them. Luckily their timing was way off and they were unable to complete this


Thank you! Was starting to get fed up with having to explain this over and over again…
Although I think I get to explain it again tomorrow to some brainiac in some other AW-thread.

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Yes, yes you will get to explain it another 20 times tomorrow and even so more alliances will try something dumb like this out…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

EDIT: nvm. I misunderstood and didn’t realize they were eating the heroes. That’s bush league behavior and should be punished.


Yeah I read about that exploit after I found out about the score and didn’t put the two together but in this case:

Karma’s a *****.


The war my alliance is in right now… the opponents all put up a single level 1 red in all their defence teams.
We are winning the war by over 22,000 points with 11 hours to go…
It is a stupid defence tactic the makes it boring for the other team.


You’re ahead of us by 1000 points. Challenge accepted!

I realize it has been discussed here on the forums many times and been brought up in peer support chat, but really, issues like this could be prevented if SG would just simply explain how scoring works when they release something. I mean if I wasn’t an avid forum reader and chat room user, I wouldn’t know that a team is worth a set amount of points and those points are distributed based on strength. Is it really to much for SG to ask when they release something, to actually explain how it works. While the forums and peer support are great tools, they don’t reach everybody.


People figured it out in beta and people have been telling that to everyone that will listen: this wasn’t a big secret. Here, in game, Line, Discord you name it, it’s been said.

This here was something of a different matter which I didn’t realize before: people’s chasing an exploit.

That’s a tiger of a different stripe; useful for illustration purposes, but I missed the crux of the issue.


This reminds me of when my cat jumped atop the wood stove. Seemed like a good idea—once. Teams will learn strategy, some the easy way by reading the forums, some by getting their paws burned.


I seem to recall a point that this last war your defence is all immediately revived when the last team goes down… so really won’t work then. :slight_smile:

(Point #3 in the linked update)

Yes, but tbey were attempting their heros before reival and did in.many cases. Again we were lucky they didnt succeed. They could jave capped us at 2k.
Currently we’re at 27k

This is ridiculous behavior but could be fixed with a small change. Anyone who is participating in the war cannot have a null team. If all of the existing heroes are deleted during the war, it reverts to an unleveled 1* team randomly generated by the computer with heroes that are not accessible to the player. If that is not possible, then just protect the last member of the team from getting eaten.


Then they will put up two 1*… your first suggestion would be more efficient

39,000 point lead. We do not have any attacks left now.


You win! I think we scored 32k. Congratulations!

@LSLordy, so what happened?? WHO WON???

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I would think being completely and utterly defeated as they have will teach these players to find a different strategy by the next War.

Trial and error. :wink:


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