PSA: Don’t hit a monk with Zocc

Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way. When Zocc hits an enemy, he casts “mindless attack” on the target while also increasing the target’s mana by 50%, typically accelerating the rate of their mindless attacks.

However monks are able to resist negative status effects. And those two effects, “casts mindless attack” and “increases mana of the target” are distinctly separate—and only one of em is negative. So hitting a monk with Zocc may or may not cast mindless attack, but you will definitely be raising the target’s mana by 50%.

I’m not sure if this is working as intended or not, but for those unaware, that’s the way it’s working.


I and numerous others pointed this out about Zocc. You also have to be careful hitting Clerics.


Yes,… it is already discussed since beta pre-release…
And not only monk, clerics is also, so 2 classes.
Plus,… another heroes that immune with Grazul/Aeron/Gato…
Pus,… protect negative mana, like Poseidon skill…
Plus,… heroes that resist mana silence, like Miki (not tested though, I’m not sure).


Exactly why i passed on pulls that month. Usually you want to block heros which 9/10 are clerics. He had potential, would have been cool if they added this attack resists class abiltiy.

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The Key comes in the specific wording & classification of “Status Effects”.

The increase in mana is not a Status Ailment. It’s not even a Status Effect (using the strict wording of the game).

Mindless Attack however is classed as a Status Ailment & thus can be resisted. Mindless Attack is also classed as an effect which “prevent(s) the use of Special Skills” and thus can also trigger the Cleric Mana Shield talent too.

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Yup. Doesn’t deal true sniper damage. His skill of giving mana in anticipation of Mindless Attack may be nullified by hero skills or class talents kicking in, thus leaving a hero to potentially bite your behind. I believe I was to first coin it that Zocc is a zocc (read: joke) of a hero!! He is average mana. But the game gave me three of him out from free pulls. I wanted VF Malosi back then and made a few more pulls from my reserved stash of coins and tokens, but never got one. Crazy RNG.

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Okay, looks like I stop leveling Zocc now. I was trying to figure out where he’d fit inyo my green team. I’m certainly not skilled enough to use him carefully.

They really oughta fix this. Zocc is pretty mediocre as it is, with his average mana speed and lackluster damage.

Its amazing how varied human perception can be.
I use a semi emblemed Malosi, and I like him. But I actually like my Zocc more than my Malsoi, and I am still 1 troop level away from getting him to 9 tiles, so my love for him can only increase

This may chiefly be by reason of the availability of the heroes varying from one player to another. Another factor to consider is the playstyle of either employing monochrome in attacking or other attack set up, the availability and number of troops and their levels. While some players use monored teams or a stack of red heroes in 4-1 or 3-2 setup facing most green tanks, my go to team I find more success is my monogreen team composed of Eve, Lianna with MCB, 2 Hansels for mana control and Albe for safety nets in case of initial unfavorable opening boards. If you find Zocc very useful in raids and is able to rely on him for his skillset, I find him not that much desirable. For me, he is just a costly Merlin and I find myself more use from Hansel since I can inflict self harm on Hansel’s target 3x by simply dumping tiles on them. The same cannot be said on Merlin as the Mindless Attack can only be activated a max of 2 times since when MA is activated, the mana is reset to zero whereas in Witch Slayer, the full mana goes to 50% thus easier for the player to get the target’s mana back to 100% by dumping more tiles to the said target. What’s more, both Merlin and Zocc fills mana on average, while Hansel runs at fast mana. Hansel can be ascended by

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Yes, Miki resists mindless attack (Zocc, Alfrike and Merlin). Along with spell slayer (Hansel, Gretel & Pixie) and silence (Peters and himself lol)

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Hey, if anybody thinks of benching Zocc over this flaw, I’d be happy to take one off your hands. Promise he’ll get 6 tonics :wink:

I agree 100%
I was very happy with malosi, and zocc is also good.
I like from malosi that I can charge him with 6 tiles, and most of the times I can charge him before telluria fires, and telluria without the healing and mana down, is not so dangerous.

Zocc is better in that he eliminates the special fully and sometimes two times, only disadvantage he is average… But he is very good too… The only problem, you have to carefully select your target as stated in this post, because there are many heroes that block his special

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Doesn’t rouge people get a shout too? Just evade his special aswell?

Evade only works on direct damage, status effects are still applied.


Don’t understand what needs to be fixed, he’s not broken and works as intended. I use him on my primary green war team with Brynhild, LoTL & Hansel x 2 and I have no trouble controlling the board in the majority of battles.

It’s kind of strange that he’s a weaker version of Merlin. It’s not like Merlin is being used excessively, like Proteus.

Still 2.5 of classes that can mess you up if you fire at them.
Iv got zocc I’d like to level it but in a battle it could cost you, I don’t mind picking your spot on when to use people’s specials got a few hero’s I do that with. But in the corner is normally a rouge or a monk can be a game changer.

Can confirm it. Saved me from Alfrike last tourney. Makes him a good counter to her in Rush tourneys in fact. But makes me laugh when I imagine Miki telling Alfrike, a powerful entity everybody in Valhalla except some shady dragon fears, basically to shut up. Though I gotta agree Miki himself is intimidating as well, what with that sword of his which was apparently carved from titan’s skull.

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I think Posideon blocks him — but lets the +50% through

Think the mana should be part of the detrimental pass/fail check, not it’s own thing…

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