PSA- Apple Game Center wonky - don’t lose your data!

As of about 45 min ago, seems like Apple services like Game Center are experiencing issues. I keep getting the Dark Lord pop up message telling me that my heroes are not safe because I’m not logged into GC. Just sharing for those folks who play across different devices.


I’m taking a break to be on the safe side.

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Yes me, too… and Game Center is now in yellow status (has issue)…


Thanks! Didn’t know you could check the status somewhere- glad to know it’s not just me :slight_smile:

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It appears to be fixed now.


Had the same problem an hour ago or so. My settings on the phone told me I am logged in, E&P said no. Seems solved now.


Thanks for posting this. My game center kept popping up everytime I logged in. Frustrating.

Thanks for posting. This was helpful to know.

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