:Prystic Visery 12gap is very real


`Mystic visio on…


I definitely agree with changing this. Every 13 hrs would be maybe better so as to not disadvantage people who may me stuck with a mystic vision every night at 3am etc if it was every 12 hours.


Actually they wouldn’t be because the first time they missed it and did it at 8am, they would then be “stuck” at 8am.

I’m all for more mystic, but whatever cycle it is on people need to make decisions about where their priorities are and for me sleep beats mystic every time :see_no_evil:


multiple of 12 hours is the best way to go imo…


Because. Humans.

The way it is explained to me is Mystic Ad cool down is a response to Apple adding the iOS feature that let you reset your Apple Advertising ID. Originally resetting your Apple Advertising ID was a user’s way of assuring privacy.

But since in Game adverts predated this feature, many relied on a stable Apple Advertising ID to anonymously track views and unique views which effected the amount of money paid to the game displaying the advert. A set amount for each unique view and a set amount for each view without revealing an IDs personal information.

In Book of Heroes there were quickly tutorials on how to get 120- 240 Mystic Vision per day by abusing the reset Apple Advertising ID. This angered the advertising agency and clients because they were paying fraudulent rates for their adverts. At least in Book of Heroes case, at least 50% - 70% of clients pulled their adverts.

Cool Down

The 16 hour cool down is written into SGG’s current Mystic Vision contract. I do not know if SGG picked this duration based on rates, the advert agency set this based on rates, or the companies placing adverts chose this based on rates.

The 16 hour cool down can not be changed without re writing the contract which may lose SGG its current advertising clients, its current advertising agency, or its current advertising rate.

My personal opinion

Mystic Vision is probably a small amount of SGG’s total gross income. I do not see them changing the 16 hour cool down until suggested by their advertising agency or a significant client.


well i hope they will. for us, the humans, the players, the ones that try to enjoy this game as much as possible until it will dissapear…

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I was under the Impression Mystic Mission was sort of a daily attendence reward.

If it is at 16hrs would the time it appears change meaning eventually it will get to a more suited time that suits you as it would for every other player around the globe.

Your asking for it to be on a 12hr turnaround sorta fixes to a specific time slot without thought of others around the globe.

aint that way. you’re not understanding how it works.

you wake up at 8 am (your local time) and you open it. 16 hours later you have another one.
i wake up at 8 am (my time) and i open it. 16 hours later I have another one.

we have different MV. only the time gap is the same for all.

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If it was 29 hours, you’d ask for 24.
We have 16.


Lolz. Hater detected.

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Yes your correct but as I said it is meant to be a once a day thing so where is the problem.

if you want to get 2xMV in 2 days, ok; you can unvote if you did.
I wanna get 3xMV in 2 days; at least. and with normal sleep; this can be proposed to SG and others involved at least. its a win-win imo.

Have a nice one!


You want to play E&P and have a normal life??
:rofl: :laughing: :rofl:


as much as possible :rofl: :laughing: :rofl:
if it can be done, I want it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yeah the 16h gap its kinda strange, i started to get only one x day because i usually miss one or the other, but aint really trippin anymore, i get bull :poop: all the time, dont even remember when was the last time i got something that worth the hassle.

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we still need to believe! :wink:


You see? Once in awhile its worth complaining about something, hahaha the rng gods heard me and after months of getting one axe and 2 gems they just gave me a tonic like an hour ago. Coincidence? :joy:


Gratz! :wink:

It’s free stuff for watching an add, If Mv didnt exist then there would be nothing to complain about…I click it when it’s available when I am online , not gonna set an alarm on my phone as a reminder … life first game second


sure, but if it can be done, why not?

same answer here > :Pray: Mystic Vision every 12hours or 12/24 hours cycles? 16 hours gap is very real life *unalike*

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