Provision of content

It would be great if the game developers made the visual resources available so that the content creators who keep the community alive continue to offer ever more qualitative things!

I am thinking in particular of the different game icons, such as passives, status effects, stacks, tokens, tiles …
That stuff you normally already have in HD on a transparent background.

Many games (quite popular by the way) already do it, why not Empires & Puzzles?

Have a brouse at this. Has some of the items you may like.

I know this topic and it’s such a great job but…
It’s players who post here, the screen are not always good, quality as well. And there no transparent background.
The dev have this, hide somewhere in the game files.
Why they don’t share it with the community ?

Have no idea actually… Usually players do this kind of thing.
Send them a email asking if they can.

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