Provinece 5 Stages 4-6 and 8 Stats



Mind that I only really cared about Backpacks, trainer Heroes and Troops. That’s all I needed from this stages, crafting materials I have plenty, I haven’t used many on titans or Special Events. Now let’s get down to the numbers. I played this Province 500 times, I think you can have an idea on loot after playing it so many times without a break, so here we go:
-General info:
752 Backpacks in total
334 Trainer Heroes 1*-2*
94 Troops 1*-2*

Split stats:
-95 times there were 0 backpacks, 0 Heroes, 0 Troops (BHT), each time this happened I changed Stage, for ex. from 4 to 6 or 8, and so on between these 3 each time I got 0 BHT.
-223 times 1x backpack as loot
-70 times there were 2x backpacks as loot
-17 times 3x backpacks as loot
-1 time 4x backpacks as loot
-189 times there were 0 backpack as loot

If you have any other info or you want to continue doing the same please feel free to share your stats here.