Provinece 5 Stages 4-6 and 8 Stats



Mind that I only really cared about Backpacks, trainer Heroes and Troops. That’s all I needed from this stages, crafting materials I have plenty, I haven’t used many on titans or Special Events. Now let’s get down to the numbers. I played this Province 500 times, I think you can have an idea on loot after playing it so many times without a break, so here we go:
-General info:
752 Backpacks in total
334 Trainer Heroes 1*-2*
94 Troops 1*-2*

Split stats:
-95 times there were 0 backpacks, 0 Heroes, 0 Troops (BHT), each time this happened I changed Stage, for ex. from 4 to 6 or 8, and so on between these 3 each time I got 0 BHT.
-223 times 1x backpack as loot
-70 times there were 2x backpacks as loot
-17 times 3x backpacks as loot
-1 time 4x backpacks as loot
-189 times there were 0 backpack as loot

If you have any other info or you want to continue doing the same please feel free to share your stats here.


Did you Update correctly? 500 runs and 752 backpacks seems a bit odd🧐


Yes, here you can see the results. I did find it a bit unrewarding to get only 752 backpacks :frowning:


Really? I mean it’s 1.5 backpacks per run. That’s quite a lot!


It’s only because I did expect something like 900-1000 since that’s the common place for finding backpacks. But, I can’t complain at all for the result, only a bitter-sweet after taste :smiley:
I did enjoy the hero and troop drop rate though, that was better than expected :slight_smile: