Province 8-7 Puzzle Challenge

I’m sure all of you are grinding 8-7 for sport, but it gets boring from time to time :slight_smile:

So here is a challenge that you could do occasionally (when not filling chests or you need to kill some time):

Try to make as much as possible special tiles - shards and bombs in Province 8-7 of Season 1 before you complete the level or get killed :scream:.

Here is my take (not the last one :smile:)

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If you do really well, consider adfing ypur screenshot to


Yup did this farming on 2-1-1 . Got so tiresome farming and became easy kill so I messed around. Fun. Many many years I’ve been playing Bejeweled before E&P, so I have a lot of experience with lining up tiles to make special tiles. My love of Bejeweled is what attracted me to E&P to begin with.

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Thanks @Kerridoc, I didn’t know that there was a similar topic already opened.
Maybe this one is a little more specific (8-7), but still a fun way to practice your tile matching skills.

Hey @Stormy, the same here - a long time Bejeweled fan :wink:
I love the battle element combined with tile matching in Empires and Puzzles.

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Here, only with Dragons



13 dragon bombs, that’s a challenge :slight_smile:

@Pops 8 crystal shards! Impressive! :open_mouth:

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