Province 6 stage 10 farmed 3 times


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69 reqruits for 3 levels playing?
I think that is impressive!!!
That is 23 reqruits per play…

Also 30 energy

I can get 9-10 per play on 8-7

Normal or hard level?

so 30 energy…

iron 39k
recruits 69
dont care about food and xp

with 30 energy, you can do 17-1 x 6times = 7.7k iron x6 >>> 46.2k iron
with 30 energy you can do 8.7 x 10 times = avg of 9 recruits x 10 = 90 recruits

so no, this is not a good deal … sorry :roll_eyes:

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Nah. recruits average is 9, so 3/flag and the highest you can get so far

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you are right. confused with monsters… edited. ty :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways 90 is better than 69 :slight_smile:

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That being sad Province 2 for sure is worse in terms of xp, recruits and stuff but often times rewards with 4* items. So it‘s just a tradeoff depending on your needs.
I personally never farm S2 except when I‘m busy I use Loottickets on 10-flag zones, preferably 1-10 for backpacks.


It isn’t as bad as it looks. You are looking a solely recruits. It really depends on what you need.

For me farming season 2 is a nice change and the backpack drop is really good.

So to each their own.

S2 1-7 sometimes i get 7 backpack

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7 !!!
In 1 run? Or how many?

1 run ( level hard ) :smile:

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7 back packs in 1 run … this is gold.

But not always sometimes 7, sometimes 5, sometimes 3. If i don’t have backpack i always play s2 1-7 hard using loot tickets

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@Ichigo I ran 8^7 x31 times with loot cards, when ever the W.E is full and get just 5 back packs and was happy.
Now I am … :sob:

I play S2 1-2 hard for those stupid undead things. The backpack yield is pretty solid there as well.

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Thanks, good to know but hard or normal?
Also I loved the kid in your personal photo.

Practice sword hard level found 5 :laughing:

This is 2 runs right?

If you want more recruits playing s2 6-6 hard level you get 24 or 25 recruits. 1 run

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