Province 23, 11 (Last level) – Is it just the boss, or are there monster waves first?

Is 23 level 11 (the end of Season 1) just a Boss room or is it more than one level? I keep meaning to watch for the intro, but by the time I save lives & weapons & strengthen myself to go back, I forget :slight_smile:. Knowing will help me decide how long to wait to go back…and what to bring. Thank you!!!

Just the Dark Lord and two minions.

THANK YOU!!! :sunny: :heart: :cupcake: :ice_cream::

@zephyr1 thank you for editing my topic so I could get a quick response!!! :slight_smile:. :hamburger: :tada:

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I edited it after actually, when I saw it in the updated posts list. :sob:

(Just making it easier for the next person to find.)

Sorry I didn’t notice it earlier, I would have answered myself. :slight_smile:

Good luck with the Dark Lord! And if you want some suggestions, this thread had a good chat, including this post from me:

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The opposite of what I was doing!!! Thank you for the tip. I will finish him off tomorrow when I’m finished with my nature chest! THANK YOU!!!

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Congrats on the Nature Chest! I just got one too!

Thanks!!! Hoping it’s full of good random things to brighten my mood after it has started to sink in that some serious issues exist amidst the noise of complaining. The theme seems to be toxicity today. In a game that values community so highly, I hope we can figure out how to do some poison control & healing. You & so many do it by example…hoping there can be some serious boundaries explored while allowing freedom of opinions! :peace_symbol: :heart: :lion:

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@zephyr1 thank you for the tips!! They really helped, and in the end I was down to a sliver of Sartana with no weapons left! This morning I finished off the Dark Lord & my nature chest was similar to yours minus one hero token…but I drew a 4* purple troop so that was bonus!!! Thanks again!!! :fireworks:

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Awesome, congrats on beating the Dark Lord, and on the Nature Chest loot and 4* purple troop!

Weirdly, I got a 4* purple troop yesterday too…we seem to have the same loot RNG going lol.


I know it’s random, but sometimes… :laughing: Pulled a Balthazar with my epic hero token… disappointed but realized he will fit nicely into my sixth team if I ever get to him. He’s a good guy.

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As far as 3* heroes go, he’s one of the best. :slight_smile:

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And Sartana, Boldtusk, Azlar, Triton, Li Xiu, Melendor & Scarlett are all gobbling up resources like mad anyway. I thought about saving the token, but that little “1” on the screen needed to be tidied up. I never thought I was OCD…

Life is really good.

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