Providing information on building (crafting) materials -- i.e. "used for" info

It would be nice in the info section of each crafting material to see what it can be used for.

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There are lots of places to find this information. If you have a Line, I can invite you to a great place for E&P information. Is this what you were looking for :thinking:?

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Think the OP was after the inverted table.

So Crafting items on the left and in the columns a list of what battle Items make use of that crafting material.

Similar to this one I made for Puzzle Combat (Note it is NOT for E&P)

Exactly, would be nice to have it the other way around directly in game.

I am inspired by your table.
I have created a similar for Empires and Puzzles:


Example: You are about to craft bomb attacks, you click on the info for Midnight Root and check what else is it used for - you see that is used for Super Mana Potion and decide that it is better to not make Bomb Attacks.

Yes, I would love to see that!

Sometimes I forget what can I use an specific crafting material for and have to check the recipes just in case I won’t regret crafting

I always forget which 4* ascension material is needed for which colour.

E.G green / nature needs Tonics

I like this idea. Simple, doesn’t affect anything else and means dont need to keep checking external saved spreadsheets.

:frowning_face: I have no votes left but I would love this.

Surely got my vote. A simple idea that will improve the selection of items

An easily implemented and simple idea with great benefit for all. A+

This is not an in game help, but one day I have created a table about what can be crafted from each 1-4 star materials and how much is needed from them:

I hope it helps.

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