Proteus vs Ninja

Why did Garnet suddenly activate her charge x2 after 2d usage of Proteus? She was going to gain mana on charge x3 before and there was no sign “S”! Is it a bug?

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The Ninja troops have embeded in their code under AI control (on defence) to “sometimes hold charge to higher levels”

Meaning that they will sometimes hold their charge to fire at 2x or 3x rather than inta-firing at 1x all the time.

From the looks of things, Garnet was meant to hold until 3x charge…

At a guess, I would say that MAYBE (in an attempt to be more human-like) there is a “failsafe” or “emergency” trigger, where if the HP is low, it over-rides the pre-determined charge level & simply fires if available when under “Low HP” condition…

BUT I’m not staff or QA so that’s just my guess.


An alternate explanation is that, maybe, there is some kind of “timer” where if they are stuck on a certain charge level for too many turns, it over-rides the pre-set “firing charge” and just fires away…?

Garnet below 50% hp will automatically trigger kill (IMO)

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