Proteus talent

Hi there!
I’ve seen that Proteus has
+25% chance to deal +15% extara damage for each active buff enemy has. And it also applies to Special Skill. But never seen Proteus fight more than 109 damage per turn. Did I miss something and it really sometime fights on 125 damage ? Does it happens when Proteus fights (and make 125 per turn) or calculates every turn and can happen or can to not happen according to random every turn?

Hope I was undestandable))

I’m pretty sure that the extra damage does not apply for DoT.

DoT is a fixed amount that can only be changed by troops and by adding attack on the talent tree (i.e. attack buffs/defence debuffs do not increase the DoT).


And what is the sense of this talent for Proteus if can’t use it? And really in description there no any word about that case (that sometime +15% can’t be apllied because it is fixed value, but it can be grow up by another thing which also get +15% f.e.)

I think the wizard talent is probably the weakest and had been given to lots of strong heroes, perhaps to stop them getting too powerful.

May be. But Proteus is not strong enough and(!):
I don’t understand why +15% of talent doesn’t work while +15% of troop works with almost same description …

Yeah, it’s not very well described but it’s a different mechanism.

And Proteus is an absolute game changer without the talent.

I use the emblems to toughen him up, but I don’t sweat the jinx buff.

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