Proteus' special ineffective against Mist

In the tournament raid, I used Proteus’ special against Mireweave (second to right) and Mist (on the far right side). Mist had not achieved the time to use her special (which is 5, if I am not mistaken). I then selected a cat on the far right and I may have done another match on that side. Mist’s special activated despite having the ‘no mana gain effect’ and I lost the battle.
Version 28.1.0 Build 729

Did Mist have emblems? If so, her Manashield ability may have blocked the mana part of Proteus’ special. I’m guessing that’s what happened


Yes she did. That is definitely possible. Perhaps I am misremembering, but I think the effect icon was displayed on her. Sadly, I did not examine her more closely at the moment (by holding down).

I just saw this again against Rigard in a war battle. I believe the mana shield activated but the mana stop icon appears on him.

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Can you perchance get a video?

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