Proteus Special did not work

During war that just started I was attacking a team and had Proteus’ mana fill before any other of my own or my opponents hero specials were used. I used Proteus on the other teams front three heroes consisting of (left to right) Inari, Rigard w/costume, and Grimm. Proteus’ special went off but no poison effect or mana block happened with any of those three. As I said none of their specials had been used. I played the board specifically to use Proteus first and when his special failed to have any effect I was completely screwed. Wondering if I am missing something here that would cause this, if not then please fix it. Have a great day and thank you for your time.

Inari’s special allows for dodging specials. It was probably that.


Her special had not gone off, my Proteus was the very first special to be used.

@AtikusPrime, which hero did you hit with Proteus’s special Directly?

Rigard was probably charged when you used Proteus and cleansed all effects right away. I see no other possibility.


If the mana are full and you drop proteus on the hero it doesn’t work. He’ll fire, and probably Rigard, so he cleansed him and the others.

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Pretty much what I was thinking. I had another alliance member that almost the same thing happened to. He was all pissed off that the special had “glitched”’but I told him if Rigard is about to fire hold Proteus for a move because he’s not gonna stop him since his mana is already full. This guy seemed to think Proteus was also a mana cutter as well. It was a good lesson for him to learn


He was not fully charged yet, had he been I wouldn’t have noticed that Proteus didn’t work. Which is why I freaked out when he went off. I know he has innate protection against specials that affect mana. But Inari and Rigard finished charge with next tile hit and both went off. Even if Rigard what’s protected Inari Should not have been.

So maybe it did work and what happened was:

  1. Rigard resisted the mana block with his “mana-shield” talent
  2. Inari & Grimm were affected.
  3. Next turn, rigard special got charged cause he resisted the mana block
  4. Rigard fires his special & cleanses the effect from Inari & Grimm as well as healing away any of the damage that may have been inflicted

Not sure what to tell you. I’m a big Proteus fan, have been using fish-face every day, at least a dozen times a day, in all kind of situations for the last year or more. That makes thousands upon thousands of uses of his special skill. Never have I, not even once, noticed anything wrong with his special. It’s one of the most reliable heroes, never failed to do his job for me. I really think you missed something most likely. Anyway, if this will ever happen again, please take some video or foto evidence and post it here, I’d be really interested in everything that might affect one of my favorite heroes.


I’ll second @Ian487’s request. Between Proteus and Hel they both see quite a bit of board time. I’d hate to think that old Prot was being gimped in some way I didn’t notice.

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