Proteus - poison damage

Can someone tell me what the Proteus poison damage is please. Does it affect all opponent heroes?

Proteus has poison damage, not fire damage. It’s a turn based type of damage that’s not affected by element resistance.

Proteus’ poison damage can hurt all heroes except Ranvir, who, IIRC, is the only hero immune to it.

Pro-tip: If you give emblems to Proteus and raise his attack stats, you can increase his poison damage at the same time.


It is a different type of DoT that is separate from a burn. And soon to be introduced, water (it is gonna be on one of the future HoTMs) DoTs like poison don’t give a hoot about defense be it increased defense or reduced defense. It will still do the same amount of damage. The only thing that influences the damage is increasing Lord Fishface’s base attack. The more attack he has, the more damage the poison will do each turn.

The only hero that can just give it the bird altogether is Ranvir. As that is his inherent resistance.

Also I have a question as well for other heroes with poison DoT. Is the poison damage for Sartana’s attack taken from the overall damage or does it have it’s own inherent value like Proteus?

Hey… Proteus’ poison damage affects 3 heros (the target and immediate neighbours), although this can be cleansed by someone like Rigard.

@Aunty_Krauser, regarding Sartana it has its own inherent value. Like Proteus tho it is influenced by the Base Attack stat of the hero.

So a 3/70 Sartana will do less Poison Damage as compared to a 4/80 which in turn will do less than a 4/80 +20 Sartana.

It’s also worth noting that the order of firing is important for Sartana & Proteus. If you fire proteus THEN sartana, Sartana’s Poison damage will over-write Proteus’ (much much less DoT so not desireable). Always fire Sartana first THEN Proteus :slight_smile:

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@Sarah2 That is why whenever I see Rigard on the field, he gets paused then cut.

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Wow this is perfect, I was coming to make a new topic for similar, so I will ask here and hope you guys/gals can help me understand.

I know a MAX Proteus Poison Damage is 327 over 3 turns.
I had 2 Proteus at 3/60 and their PD (Poison Damage) were 297 (so only 99 per turn).

I just ascended one of my Proteus and as he has been increasing in level/rank and so has the PD, he is now at approximately 4/45 (give or take). His PD is now 309 (103 per turn).

What I am confused by and did not mention first, is the fact BOTH Proteus SPECIAL have been max (8/8) since before 3/60. I thought when a Hero’s special is maxed, that is their Special Stats…so why is his PD not full/max even though it’s 8/8 for special??

Sorry, hope that makes sense.

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Proteus’ total poison damage takes his current attack power into account. His special skill going up ALSO improves that.

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Thanks, that is what I presumed but why? I mean, are there others? Does it only happen to Poison Damage special skills? Are there certain “rules” regarding this?
Up until now, my experience has always been: max the special to 8/8, it will max the abilities for the special - so this is just weird and confusing – but a learning curve.

As far as I know, all effects that deal damage over time are scaled with the hero’s attack stat. A troop that increases attack power also improves the DOT.

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Damage Over Time (DOT) increases as the base attack is increased either by leveling, ascending or embleming a hero. At lower levels, heroes which inflicts DOTs (such as poison and burn damages) deals lower damage to the targeted enemies by reason that their attack stat is still not at the optimum level.

My unleveled Marjana (base attack = 325) deals 102 Burn damage over 6 turns (17 per turn) but a maxed Marjana (base attack = 669) inflicts 300 Burn damage over 6 turns (60 per turn). This DOT may still increase if you emblem this heroine and opt for attack nodes.

My Sartana at tier 4 level 15 (base attack = 606) inflicts 258 Poison damage over 6 turns (43 per turn), but at maxed level (base attack = 694), she deals DOT to the target at 294 Poison damage over 6 turns (49 per turn). This DOT may still increase if you emblem this heroine and opt for attack nodes.

Proteus at maxed level inflicts 327 Poison damage over 3 turns (109 per turn), but this DOT may still increase if you emblem this hero and opt for attack nodes.

Azlar at maxed level inflicts 360 Burn damage over 6 turns (60 per turn), but this DOT may still increase if you emblem this hero and opt for attack nodes.

Other heroes that inflict DOTs are some of the following: Nashgar, Kelile, Oberon, Gravemaker, Colen, Jahangir, among others.

In sum, the more you increase the heroes’ attack stats, the DOTs they inflict also increases. Increasing the attack stats may be done by leveling, ascending, embleming, level of crit troops, hero support skills (from the likes of Boldtusk, Kiril, Sir Lancelot, etc.) and battle items (bear and dragon banners, etc.).


A good thread on understanding DoT:



Thanks everyone I understand better now.
WHat is the best path for Emblems to go with for Proteus? Defense and health?

Lots of discussion on threads like this one.

My personal preference is to make him as durable as possible. Although you can increase his dot with attack emblems, it’s the mana block which is absolutely clutch.

Proteus makes most event bosses incredibly vulnerable. A bit of extra poison won’t take down Santa or Redhood, but stop them using their special and it’s plain sailing.

But he needs to get to the final level first, so survivability is the name of the game.


Although it is probably understood already by many here, I feel that grazul(and aeron, Gato, others?) Should be mentioned in this thread as it seems that OP is a newer player. Grazul, particularly on offense where she shines brightest, makes Proteus essentially ineffective with her protection against status ailments. Which is the the ONLY thing Proteus does. And why I would never use him in a defensive lineup.

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