Proteus or Rigard

Hi all, so as the heading says which should I level first? My only concern is that I dont have a cleanser in the 4* category. I have zimkitha not leveled but do have the accents mats for her but let’s put her aside for now. I have sabina but she is a debuffer n not a cleanser. Proteus on the other isn’t a cleanser but is extremely useful in most scenarios! Cause I dont have hel n he is like a mini hel. For now I am leaning towards proteus but cant shake the feeling I should level tigard first. I also dont want to wait another 8 months to get the necessary mats for whichever I dont level now. I need to make the best possible decision for now. My lineup consist of kiril, Master Lepus, Boss Wolf, Leonidas, Sabina. Zimkitha will eventually enter this lineup but for all events n titans n I will need either proteus or rigard at times. Which would you choose and why?

I like Rigard cleanse, but not so much to put Proteus in queue if you already have Sabina.

I vote for Proteus.


Proteus, rigard didnt need 4^70 fo 42%healing. He can work good on 3^60. Proteus need 4^70 for max dmg


Both are excellent. I chose Proteus and really enjoy using him. You can always do Rigard next.

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I chose Proteus first too.
His ability to block 2 or 3 bosses in events is always useful, same in raids.
You can combine him with Sabina, it works well, the tiles damages are both good.
After you can max Rigard, a very good hero too, like everybody say, wish to /or have.

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Id say Proteus because Rigard wouldn’t bring anything new to your roster.

Rigard’s perks:

  • Medium Speed
    • Recovers 42% health for all allies
      • You already have Sabina and Kiril
    • Cures atatus aliments from all allies
      • Zimkitha’s cleanse is faster

Rigard is still good at lv 3.60 for alliance wars.


Without knowing the rest of your roster, I would recommend leveling both Proteus AND Rigard to 4* 3.60 since this takes the same Hero XP, only 1*/2* farmable ascension items and 4* 3.60
Are the most powerful heroes in the game using 1* / 2* ascension items.

If not already, I strongly advise getting a rainbow 3* 3.50 and a rainbow 4* 3.60 before worrying about 4* 4.70 and 5* 3.70 heroes.

Color stacking a very powerful tool.

==Notes ==


Since you have sabina - dark healer

i say proteus


first time you take proteus against 3 Bosses in lvl 10 Legendary event with 5 100% mana viles you will know Proteus was the right choice


Agree with the majority, I went with Proteus first and have no regrets.

For Guardians Legendary Stage 10, I went Sabina, Boldtusk, Proteus, Wilbur, Colen and had no problems against the 3 bosses. All were at max tier, but only Colen was 4/70. Used a couple of mana pots only at the final stage.

Using the same team for Platinum/Diamond raid against Holy tanks.

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Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I am at work. I went ahead n leveled proteus to final tier. Thank you all for your replies. I was in need of a good dark hero n proteus fit the spot perfectly. Rigard would have been a good choice too if I didn’t have proteus. Can I ask if proteus is as good on defense as on offense? I think he is one of those heros that is good all around meaning he is useful in events as he is in raids and in titan fights. Does anyone disagree?

IMHO he can do very well when near the tank on platinum level defenses.
He have a good effect who can help in every situation.


My team lingers around the high platinum low diamond area. That is why I need zimkitha in there (& I have the mats for her!). I would love to add proteus but afraid he cannot hold up in diamond arena. I have victor but not enough tabard to level him so I asked about proteus n rigard instead. To have an all around rainbow team, all I’m missing is a good 5* green like evelyn lol. But if you say with a good tank he can help support the team then I’ll have to try that n see what he can keep me in the diamond arena.

I would consider Proteus! He is very useful during event. Even on Legendary levels, he saved me! One of the best 4* hero.

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Haha… I’m missing a 5* green and am waiting on Evelyn as well… :smile:

My 5 stars are still works in progress so not using them on my defense team yet. Proteus is at 4/68 and should hit max tomorrow so I’m going to try a 4* defense team comprising Triton, Proteus, Colen, Li Xiu, Sabina. Going to see how mana deprivation will help in cup retention.

If it’s working fine, I’ll try it out in AW next.

He’s very valuable in events, he stop the bosses firing for 3 turns, and a lot easier to level than 5*, I have a bunch of 5* on 3/70.
He’s in the same class as Wu and Wilbur.

Wow, 4* team can get you to diamond?

You necro and old thread but nevertheless, it’s a 3 - 2 stacking and you can never underestimate the power of stacking. Especially with the emblem introduction sometimes early of this year.
Back then, I used to raid in lower diamond with either 3 - 2 or mono of 4 *s. Never mind dropping to platinum overnight, important part was I can always open my raid chest in diamond which offer better loots.


I guess it’s a rare sight nowadays, but just a few month back it sure was possible and not even a big deal. If I search the forum there should be a thread I posted a profile pic in, with about 2600 cups and a 4* as my strongest hero.

Edit: Here, found it!


It probably can get you there but won’t keep you there! When I hit around 2200 cups just under diamond I’ll wake to this have seen a lot worse though

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