Proteus or Cheshire Cat

I currently have Cheshire Cat at 4/66. I just pulled Proteus. My primary rainbow team consists of Kashhrek, Grimm, Wu Kong, Cheshire and either Scarlett or Hawkmoon (depending if I need a healer or not).

Should I discontinue feeding heroes to CC and divert all heroes to Proteus? Would Proteus replace CC as my primary purple top hero?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Finish the cat then do Proteus. And, yes, if we’re talking offense Proteus will replace the cat. I think the cat is better for defense and yellow titans, though.


U only have 4 more levels so might as well just finish cat. Once u have Proteus levelled though I can’t see u using cat over Proteus for much…


Cat is great whey you’re facing hard tanks. You can use both of them in your offence team. For defense Proteus is better

I’d go to Proteus immediately. The last few levels, even for a 4*, are relatively expensive and don’t give you much in the way of stats. Unless you plan to put emblems on Cat, the additional couple points of attack, defense and hp are negligible.

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IMO, feed Proteus with *1 heroes 10x or 5x one times on-color (purple), to make his skill 8/8 at 3.60.
And for *2 purple, trainer purple *1 - *3 to CCat, keep *4 trainer purple (if you have it) for Proteus later on around 4.60 and up.

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I love Cheshire Cat but my vote would be for Proteus.

Finish CC, it’s just 4 more lvls… then go heavy with Proteus… CC is great in AW if u need to face a tank you are not strong enough and u can switch their positions… I think once u start a project takes him to the max lvl possible…

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For sure he will. He’s not only the primary dark , he’s the primary epic and even better than several legends.

Proteus is a real boss killer, offense leader and progress master. He’s THE game changer.

The greening kitten is just a fun thing with his unique special, but far from must have. He’s only a supporter, if you fight multiple yellows or a yellow titan.


You’re too close to not finish CC, but after that throw everything to Proteus. Mana control is paramount in this game, and he does that. In my opinion, one of the best 4* heroes in the game.

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Another vote for Proteus being your main Purple. He’s so good, I bring him 99% of the time on events, quests and raids. Without him I would not have been able to finish many events, and I would not be where I am in the game today. Finish Cat, you’re almost there, then go all-out on Proteus.

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I vote for Proteus. Been using him with Chao as a one two punch in raids and even better on bosses. If you manage to get an awesome board in a raid and Proteus can fire twice, you will have the entire team neutralized and buy yourself some time to set up the board for more good moves.

In my honest opinion, and I have both heroes, I would finish off Cheshire Cat given your current levelling, and the go straight to level Proteus who is a game changer. Cheshire Cat can be annoying when you are faced with him and he moves the position of your heroes. No reason why you couldn’t stack them together.

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