Proteus mistake

Proteo does not work, they continue to load mana and that costs defeats.

Not much can be done without posting a video showing the problem.

Well it is very simple, proteo activated the enemy and his near ones can not obtain mana and they obtain it and they are loaded. I’m not going to download a recorder for you to see it, let them try it, I do not think it’s just mine.

By screen shot Picture please :grin:

Just’ve checket Proteus in raide. All is working as well.
Enemies don’t get any mana after Proteus special during 3 turns.

If you’re not willing to provide details beyond stating “Proteus doesn’t work”, then don’t expect very much assistance.

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maybe you tried it on a hero that negates effects… like gato…

i dont know if redhood mana foxies prevent this… i think not…

Can you screen shot your enemies? @Ber

I just tried it against an Onatel tank, and she did gain mana from her mana drain effect while under a mana block (I’m uploading a video now and will post it here once done). Everything else worked as expected.

EDIT: Here’s the video. Proteus applied at around the 1:20 mark.

it wont work for enemies with dark reflect , it happened on me when use proteus at pirate event

Can you state which enemy precisely, so this can be narrowed down.

That interaction with Onatel has been reported as a bug already (though it might be a feature).

I raid frequently with Proteus and haven’t had any issues with his mana lockdown.

Also, note there is mana gain and mana regeneration. Proteus and Hel stop mana GAIN, which on offense comes from tiles hitting or ghosting and on defense comes from getting hit by tiles. That is what Proteus and Hel stop.

Additionally, there is mana regeneration from a hero like Albereich. Proteus and Hel do NOT stop that.

Think of it this way - mana gain comes from getting a job (working the board). Proteus and Hel stop your paycheck. Mana regen is like getting an allowance at home from daddy (Albi) - Proteus and Hel don’t stop that.

So if the opposing team had someone like Albi fire, heroes will continue to gain that mana regen while also NOT gaining mana from tiles. Clear as mud.


This sounds plausible to me more so that we don’t have the visibility of Ber’s opponent’s team.

Redhood foxes prevent all mana attacks.

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Aint so sure about that…

Same happened to me just now against Obakan, to bad I did not record it but will try again hopefully I will have a solid proof.

In case anyone cares, staff has confirmed that Onatel can gain mana from her skill even when afflicted by Proteus or Hel.


@Kerridoc I heard about Onatel but this was weird since it was Obakan and I removed Vivica straight from the board first and she could not remove the alliments. Below is the screen shot of the player and his team.

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