Proteus: jinx and scar of the depth

depends on who his flanks are, unless you don’t ever splash tiles to flanks…in which case I want your luck.

Of course I never splash the flanks! :laughing:

I totally agree about the flanks making a big difference here. Sorry for not being clear about that, and thanks for making sure it got said.

If Halaster had some sexy yellow heroes like Joon, Drake or Onatel, I’d be more sanguine about Rigard at tank. But Wu as a flank in his D right now kinda worries me about the flanks for AW.

As a data point: Rigard was my first maxed 4* by a long shot, and I actually tanked him for a while in my raid defense, with Leo, Li Xiu and Chao on flank at various times. It was not super successful for me in holding cups.


I used him prior to max and he did OK, but I think that was in silver and maybe low gold. Things change quickly as you climb the arenas


Yeah, you’re right. If you put some thought into it, emblems can only strengthen what already are your hero strong points, can’t fix a lack of defense which is there by design, i mean, change a non-tank into a tank.

Even not using Proteus at war, I may give him the emblems and go for attack route, to crank up the nice tile damage he has.

And Rigard is in some extent like Aegir, a non-threat at all, which invites to a color-stacking against the real threat like you said, unless we got a field aid war and then him can be a pain in the butt.

I appreciate the tips, but I’ll hold myself to not go off-topic! :smiley:



Since Rigard is not ready and my vanilla Tiburtus is squishy as well I’ll rock by buffed Proteus this time… I’ll let you guys know how it goes, this war is gonna be rough as usual.


Best of luck to you! I’ll be curious to hear.

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Just to give you guys a feedback on my 6-rank Proteus being tank…

On the wednesday war he didn’t had much of a chance to show his “tank abilities” because the other alliance were just too strong, so any 4* defense was instakill.

However, on saturday war we were paired with a weaker alliance, and tbh Proteus did as good as any other purple 4* tank. When I was attacked by people which seemed to have around the same power as my defense (mere 3700ish) he tanked 1 attack before the first reset and in the end of the war he tanked 2 attacks in a row (Probably from weaker than 3700 non yellow-stacked, but hey, it’s something).

I may have the Rigard up and running by next wednesday, so I can draw some sort of comparison if it’s a non field-aid war and/or the enemy is not so much stronger than the last ones… we will see.

More on-topic, I’m glad I gave Proteus the emblems, he’s a tad stronger which means faster and cleaner event runs for both Epic and Legendary. Just ranked enough to get some flasks, but Proteus helped saving so many items… Definetely a A+ 4* hero.


Thanks for the update! I’m glad to hear he worked out so well.

It is indeed a hard choice! I’ve stopped giving emblems to Proteus since my Zeline reached 80. Is it better to not divest your emblems? I use both heroes all the time. How could I not?!

Here’s Proteus at +18 when choosing all the defense+health sides of the tree, in case anyone finds the info useful:

All that’s left is the 2% mana boost at +19, and then an attack bonus at +20 (but I don’t think I’m going to bother with that… not worth 70 emblems for +28 attack). The mana boost will be worth it for me, as I have a purple mana troop at Lvl 14, and once it gets to Lvl 17 it will drop Proteus to 9 tiles, which will be a joyous day indeed! :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


Hi zephyr1!

Did you give Proteus more emblems? I´m planing to do the same route as you and would be great see how high can the DoT get.

With the hero classes spreadsheet you can see the stats rise, but not the changes in the special skill.

I did!

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Wow! I like that 375 DoT, thanks for sharing! Are you happy with the survivability? How he does in titans?

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I’m definitely happy with him, I use him frequently for Raids, War, and Titans.

Obviously he could have been made sturdier instead, but I love his high attack contribution to a stack (especially on Titans), and I can’t tell you how often I utilize his DoT to finish off enemies — so the extra damage really helps.

Because of that, I also always give him my highest level Troop, which further increases his DoT, and also aids survival as a nice side effect.

Normally that’s this one:

And for 4* Raid Tournaments it’s this one:


He caps at 825 (or at least mine did) attack if you continue down that path. Same defense and 1219 health. A nice 4 star for sure, can save the day.


I stopped at +18 on all heroes to work on others. I didn’t feel that the last two nodes were worth the high cost.


cheap when you compare to a 5 star!

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True, but I’d rather use those 110 Emblems to take another 4* to +5.

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I took my first Proteus to +20 going strictly down the defensive path to keep him alive in raids.

I love him. Proteus II is going to go the attack path but one of the two will be just for wars since Hel in also in the raid team. Nice to have one DoT and one Direct damage dealer.

Here is Proteus on defense path:

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Level 17 Mana Troop will get him firing at 9 tiles.

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