Proteus: jinx and scar of the depth

Does anyone know if jinx stacks with proteus dot??

I think that Jinx only helps Proteus’ tile damage, because his special does 0 direct damage, and Jinx doesn’t affect DoT.


No, it doesn’t (unfortunately):slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the quick reply guys. Still a great hero. Maybe he would have been better in another class.

That’s probably the point. They put him in a class where the special doesn’t help him too much, because he is already incredibly good. Guinevere is another that fell that way, probably by design


Even though jinx doesn’t help his DOT the increase in health and defense are a huge plus (or increase attack to bring up the DoT if you prefer). He needs to be able to survive a direct sniper hit, once he can…look out.

Hel should be coming back soon, right? Somewhat waiting to see if she comes back before putting talents on Proteus (Sartana was ahead of him anyway). If I miss her, which is very likely with the budget, Proteus gets talents b/c he is on ALL my raid teams. 2nd is getting leveled with #3 and #4 to follow (probably stop at 3-60 for awhile with the last two). Ahead of Kunchen and ahead of Thoth.

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I gave the emblems to zeline. But i’m having second thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, Zeline is awesome. But it takes 165 emblems to finish the first 3 nodes of the talent grid. I keep thinking that proteus could get a lot better with those 165 emblems than his fully leveled 4 80. Wizard class has really good heroes. Hard choice to make. @Sternman

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His class is perfect for stats for me. You can go defense/health nodes almost all the way through. My alt has his class at level 8, and the effect is huge. Another class could be better, sure, but his dot already passes buffs with a 100% jinx.

My alt also has Zeline, but I’ll be hesitant to pull the emblems off Proteus when she gets 2 more tonics because they make him that much better and he doesn’t take nearly as many to max out.

You can but keep in mind that DoT scales with the attack stat.


That’s the route I’m going.


The DoT is nice, the mana control is why we all :heartbeat: Proteus. I think that I will focus on health and defense to be sure that he lives to cast if giving him talent emblems.

Final attack over 800 if you go for maxing attack though… so many tempting options


I’m already finding that just the little boost to defense and health along with the attack boosts has made a difference.

I’m going to keep going the attack route, with some bonuses to defense/health baked in along the way on those paths, and keep using a 4* crit troop with him that’s currently at level 12 with a 16% attack, 19% defense, and 6% health boost.

And while I use him for the mana freeze, the DoT does also make a huge difference in winning Raids, especially as the amount slowly creeps up.


Guys: Proteus or Isarnia?

How many emblems do you have now? What does the rest of your roster look like? Who do you use most often?

Absent other data: Proteus. He’ll max a lot faster, he’s an incredibly powerful effect, and you can always get the emblems back when you have enough to meaningfully emblem up Isarnia.


I would have gone Issy, but I already had Athena for ranger. Seemed redundant to have a second blue def down with emblems…but I think Issy hits all with Jinx is a no-brainer otherwise.

147 emblems now.

My dilemma is pretty much this:

My only full 5* blue is Aegir (yeah, I know) and I didn’t gave Isarnia the scopes yet, I’m waiting for V20 to see if Thorne becomes a more viable option (the other 5* blue I have, but I hardly think so) OR if I can pull a Frida this month I’d rather give her the scopes, so in both cases, Proteus wins the emblems.

However, if Aegir stays the disappointment he is and no Frida for me, I may settle with Isarnia and fully level her to be my blue 5* on defense. Atm I only use her on Titan hits (Red and Dark Titans, for others I use ramming trio).

On the dark side, I have no good 5* also, just a 3/70 Quintus and a 3/70 Domitia. I use mostly Proteus for PvE content, like Season 2 Hard Mode and some non mono raids, so I play him more than Isarnia atm.

My main defense team is Mother North - Wu Kong (Leveling Musashi atm) - Aegir - Bold Tusk (I have no 5* red whatsoever) - Proteus.

Indeed, I wouldn’t consider leveling her with Athena on the roster unless I could spare the scopes!

Who do you have that does a strong defense down? Issy is one of the best imo, highly underrated. She got me into the top 10 many times, before I got Athena.

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Only her actually, I have the ramming pulverizer trio (Grimm, Gormek and Tiburtus) and Buddy, and since I also got Evelyn and Mother North I usually mono green the â– â– â– â–  out everybody.

Maybe Issy is more core to me than I realized, she can be very handy not only in defense but in assembling more balanced raid teams… thanks for the tip!

There are a couple of separate things intertwined here.

With respect to Thorne, the proposed change is pretty meh. On defense, he will hit the average 5* target for around 880 damage. But he will do so at average mana, and as a 6 tile kill for a 3-stack.

Honestly, he ends up looking a bit like a 4* version of Magni. He hits slower, doesn’t hit as hard, and doesn’t give a buff. But he’s more survivable. I can see a case for giving him scopes as a F2P, but not when you have Isarnia in hand.

Of your possible near-term blue options, Frida would be #1 for me, with Isarnia #2. In fact, I have Isarnia and am drawing for Frida myself.

On the question of who to emblem up:

Proteus, hands-down.

You’re at least a month, maybe two, away from maxing Isarnia if you decide to pull the trigger. That’s a lot of play time to let the emblems sit idle with a great option in hand.

You also have a little less than 10% of the emblems needed to class up Isarnia, so it’s not like she’d see a huge benefit even if she were ready for the emblems. Proteus will get a much bigger lift from those 147 emblems, and will continue to see a bigger lift, faster, from new emblems. This will be the case for a long time to come.

And you’re using Proteus on your main defense. Proteus is also incredibly useful for seasonals, events and rare quests. I personally use Proteus all the time when raiding. My standard 2 in a 3/2 is Rigard 4+6 and Proteus.

If and when you have enough emblems to give Isarnia a real boost, you can use a reset emblem on Proteus.