Proteus is my new Super Hero

I have been leveling up Proteus asap after last Atlantis and man oh man am I happy with his performance in Grimforest.

I made it right down Legendary to 10th level without much trouble and completed 10 with relative ease simply with Super Mana, Dragon attacks, and Super Antidotes.

Sonya 4/70
Proteus 4/40
Justice 3/70
Kiril 4/70
Melendor 4/70

Proteus was the only way I could beat them and he made it easy, I messed up and let them fire specials once or twice but overall they just took my hits and slowly died after 7 or 8 specials from Proteus.

Simply amazed at his usefulness against 3 tough Bosses.

Almost unfair…


Just found out how incredible he is. As he only poisons his opponents, he is able to hit active reposte heroes without receiving any dmg… :sunglasses:

And for sure the 3 turns without filling the others specials, too.

A nice one :hugs:


Try two Proteus at the same time. Block mana generation from one side, then the other. It’s beautiful!

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Dream Team: Proteus and Onatel. She will continue to siphon enemy mana generation even if Proteus has disabled them. Just got my Proteus to lvl 4, Onatel is next for fast tracking…

I have one Onatel and THREE Proteus. They’re sweet, I used Onatel and two Proteus against the Dark Lord, alongside Guinevere and Delilah.

He never had a chance of launching his special attack.


Hel. Jr is one of the best 4* heroes IMO, even if he is fragile.


I have 2 Proteus on my Alt account and I use them all the time. One of them is my Wizard and getting a defensive build.

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Proteus also can’t be Evaded by Rogues, nor does he trigger Paladin’s Protect. Great hero all around.


He is getting all the talents in my roster. no joke.

@ScaryPowers, my understanding is that if you block mana generation with Proteus, Onatel has nothing to steal from that hero since they are not gaining mana.

Onatel WILL steal mana from enemies when SHE is being blocked from regular mana generation by the enemy’s Proteus (or Hel).

So, Onatel doesn’t play well on the same team as Proteus and Hel but partially negates their specials when on opposite teams.

That will happen if you don’t time their special moves. I use both and, when Proteus’ special is on, I don’t trigger Onatel’s immediately.

Actually, I trigger Onatel’s after one turn of Proteus’ - this makes the -25% and -50% draining negated, but, when Proteus’ special is off, it gives place to the -75% and -100% rounds of Onatel. It’s a nice combination.


oh my bad, you’re totally right. I feel like I tested that in the past and it worked, but I just tested it again and it doesn’t work. But @Bruno82 has a good strategy for having both on a team.

Well my e-mail lit up today, glad ya’ll agrees Proteus is really the most amazing 4* of all for quests. I don’t have him on my main account (argh!), but really miss him from my alt that I retired recently.

Proteus uber alles!!!

I have no Proteus but I have Onatel and only with her at legendary level i have no trouble at all. Before Wonderland I have no Onatel and was really hard to finish last 2 levels of Legendary so 9 and but now in Wonderland was just normal stages not eaven hard level. So some legendary caracters do the job

Brought 2 of him to the rare yellow gryphon… no special for you!!

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