Proteus/Hel vs. Onatel

I am not able to find answer for this question here: when Onatel fires her special and is subsequently hit by special from Hel or Proteus, how is this situation sorted out? She should steal mana from affected enemies, but under the “can’t gain mana” ailment can’t? What happens?

she doesn’t gain any mana as of v22 (her targets still gain less mana though)

There is a whole thread on this (along with controversy) right here; New onatel fix?


I didn’t meet a situation like this, I’m curious too. So the situation is like this: you fire Proteus while Onatel is full already and she fires the next turn anyway.

So, the ailments beat special either way. Thanks.

So it seems Onatel is locked from gaining mana, but the enemies are still losing it?

Yes, that is correct.

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