Proteus damage calculation bug: how is this possible?

Today, in raids, I took revenge on an opponent who had Proteus on the team.
I open its characteristics: the first screenshot shows that Proteus damages opponents 333 for 3 turns, or 333/3 = 111 points in 1 turn.
The battle begins. Proteus used magic against my Boril, Grimm and Cyril. I discover the characteristics of Proteus, and what do I see? The second screenshot shows that Proteus damages opponents 393 points for 3 moves, or 393/3 = 131 points per turn! Can someone explain to me how such a thing is possible?
Further more interesting! I open the characteristics of one of them and … each of my hero loses 158 points in 1 turn !!! Or 158 * 3 = 474 points in 3 moves !!!
And then my attempt to give this phenomenon at least some logical explanation failed completely!
Maybe someone else can explain to me how it can be that an opponent has one damage number in the characteristics, but in fact my hero loses more? Just do not talk about the non-linearity of the damage calculation formula, Proteus deals fixed damage, independent of anything!

I think I can explain the first part: If you mean that you looked at the Proteus card and saw 333 damage before you clicked Attack to start the battle, then you saw 393 damage; that would be explained by troops. 393 ÷ 333 = 1.18, so he was equipped with a troop that gave +18% Attack. Looking at the card before joining battle just showed you the card without factoring in troops.

I can’t explain the second part though. :slight_smile: EDIT: It may have something to do with the Jinx talent, if Proteus had emblems…?

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393 x 1.2 = 471.6

Rounded up to 472.
472/3 = 157.3, rounded up to 158

You forgot to add the 20% damage bonus for defense.

All the numbers line up.

Not a bug.


You do not forget that Proteus deals FIXED damage, which is indicated in its characteristics! What kind of 20% bonus are you talking about?

In raids the defence team get a 20% buff to make the figth more even.


No, I didn’t forget. I know how damage works. Damage over time goes up with card attack power, troop attack power, and defense bonus if they’re on defense. But not any attack power buffs cast by heroes. I’m TELLING YOU the answer. Read it and learn it.


What @LucasDaoc wrote is correct. DoT depends on attack stat. When you level hero up increasing their attack, DoT value goes up as well. The card indicates value based on current attack without any bonus from troops or other buffs. Yes, it’s a bit misleading but it works this way.


And why then the developers will not make the real damage done by the heroes to be shown? There would be less such questions!

When you read hero card there are no troops assigned to that hero, no attack buffs or debuffs are active. Card shows only the base damage which can be then modified by many factors applicable only if the battlefield.

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Didn’t know this detail, only applies to raids, or provinces as well?

What do you mean by provinces? Monsters you fight on the map aren’t heroes, they don’t have any revealed stats and they can’t fight for you.

@grzechol I was talking when we took proteus and others in atlantida (27/9)
The question was stupid because the cards values are complity diferent.

Nah, if they rolled all the stats into the card pre-fight, people would look at them and ask “How come my Proteus only does X and this Proteus does Y?”

There’ll be the same amount of questions no matter how they approach it.


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