Proteus Bug versus mana shield

Bug observed with Proteus Special vs Manashield.

Version: 25.1.2 build 689

When: during alliance war attack.

What happened: I used Proteus’ special on opponent’s central Rigard. I saw the “Manashield” text indicating the talent triggered.

What should have happened next: no-mana-gain debuff applied to Rigard’s neighbors (Azlar and Kaliden) but not Rigard. Poison debuff applied to all three heroes.

What actually happened next: no-mana-gain debuff not applied to any of the three heroes. Poison debuff not applied to any of the three heroes either!

After casting Proteus it was still my turn, so there wasn’t any opponent action that cleansed the debuffs.

Proteus did not have an accuracy debuff at the time. (And in any case triggering Manashield requires a hit, which then should have applied poison.)

Do you recall around what time you did that war attack?

This is definitely one of those issues that you’d have to contact support for them to investigate – How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards) – what they’ll ask you for will be a more specific time of the war attack, with your alliance name and your timezone.

A screenshot will help too if you happened to take one.

The war was this weekend so that should at least help them narrow it down too if you can’t remember the exact time.

Thanks, I’ll record that info if/when it happens again. But, it should be easy to reproduce in testing.

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