Proteus Buff vs Sonya Debuff - Answer: Sonya is Dispell not Debuff

Hi Guys,
I´ve got last Atlantis the Glorious PROTEUS, and almost maxed!
i´m wondering if anyone could help me in one question.
If we put Sonya and Proteus in same team, and activate Proteus Buff (327 damage over 3 turns, and they can´t gain mana), if Sonya activates her debuff (remove buffs from all enemies), it will applied to Proteus buff?
Thanks guys :sweat_smile:


Short answer: no, Sonya won’t remove Proteus effect from enemies.

Long answer: Sonya removes buffs from enemies. Buff is a positive effect like increased damage, increased defense of healing over time.

Proteus puts a debuff in enemies. A debuff is a negative effect like blindness, poison, burning and so on.

Your enemy can remove Proteus effect of they have a cleanser - hero who removes debuffs from their allies, like Rigard or Vivica.

See this thread for more terminology explained:


Proteus is an ailment not a buff!
As @grzechol explained very well.
The answer is no!


Buff: give positive status ailment to opponent or allies
Debuff: give negative status ailment to opponent or allies

Dispell: clear any positive status ailment to opponent
Cleanser: clear any negative status ailment to allies

Remove: is special which is for undispellable status ailment


Your dispell descrition is not accurate!
Should be remove buffs from enemies IMO

thank you all from the enlightening :pray:

Debuff - reduce abilities of opposing team heroes

Debuffer - hero on your team who inflicts ailments or debuffs to the opposing team heroes

Buff - increase abilities of one’s heroes, by applying special skill or permanently by emblems or innate abilities

Dispel - remove buffs activated by opposing team from opposing team heroes

Dispeller - hero on your team who dispels.

And just to clarify, even though it circumstantially doesn’t always have a positive effect, Spirit Link is always considered a buff. Even when it’s added by an enemy Wilbur.

Thats why I explain like this:

Wilbur skill:

  1. buff allies with defense up
  2. buff allies with shared damage
  3. debuff oppponent with defense down
  4. buff opponent with shared damage

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