Proteus any good?

I just got proteus from Atlantis portal. Is he any good? Can’t figure out if he should be used for raids (probably) or titan fights?A lot of heros can only be used for one or the other but rarely both!

Ameonna or Proteus?

Proteus is an A hero

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Proteus rocks. Hel Jr, FTW

Ok, proteus is hell jr. Got it. Since proteus is in another thread then please let me steer this thread towards another hero. Sumitomo? Is he worth ascending? I got him today along with proteus. Dont know what to think about his special?

Proteus is one of my favorite 4* characters. I took a team with a team power of 3398 consisting of Rigard (70), Caedmon (70), Kiril (70), Tiburtus (67) & Proteus (34) and fought teams well above 4k with nothing but yellow tanks. Was able to get to 2848 and #16 globally before the wheels fell off. Granted I stayed there for around 15 seconds after logging off and waking up the next morning back in the 2200’s, but attacking was a lot of fun. Being able to lock down one side of the board is incredibly powerful. Man I wish I had Hel.


Proteus is baby Hel and Hel is a beast.


Yes I’m glad to hear that! Makes me feel better at pulling proteus!

Yea, Proteus is nice :smiley:

The game has been giving me trap tools for last 3 weeks so I felt that Proteus is coming to me… aaand I totally summoned him today :slight_smile:

And trust me, I’m totally glad!

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I’m not a big fan of Riposte, but at least Sumitomo gets some benefit from the hit. He’s fine, but only fine, in a field with many outstanding 4* red.


At first when I read his special I thought initially thought wow, but I thought wait sounds nice but can it rlly do any damage or benefit to the team? But it’s as u said, there are many 4* star that equal of not better.

I’m not a big fan of riposte either cyprian will probably be the only riposte hero I max unless it’s a 5 star that has other great benefits in addition to riposte

I’m running out of purple to level. Should I level my 3rd Proteus? Do two Proteus (Protei?) work well on the same team?

Yes, two work extremely well. If they both live you have the entire board locked down, if one dies you can lock down 60% of the enemy’s team.

Began raiding with no rerolls and no adjusting for the enemy once I had two Proteus maxed (I adjust to the enemy if failing to win on two tries, third and final attack gets customized to take out the enemy). One has now been replaced by Hel, it is astonishingly good even with just double Proteus.

You will occasionally get no purple tiles and having proper supporting cast is key.

Watch out that you do not fire just before an enemy cleanser


As long as you keep him alive, he will be your showstopper.

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I have Proteus now in talentpath at +19 with the 2 percent faster mana generation.
If I now set a 4 star mana troop on him:
From which troop levels Will it make a difference (so - 1 tile) to charge him?

Troop level 17 would bring him from 10 to 9 tiles if I’m not mistaken

Yes Proteus is amazing, mine is fully emblemed and held me down on all levels until I was able to get some 5* heroes maxed. And I still use him, he’s a utility hero.

Ok Will try it out. Thanks.
Have now lvl 12 troop so still have to wait.
From 10 to 9 can indeed make a difference.

My Onatel had to stay hungry for a while, cause I gave Proteus 18 emblems. He will be super helpful to you especially in challenges and events.


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