Proteus and my complaint

His effect of “cant gain mana for 3 turns” is clearly powerful. Am I wrong to feel a little disappointed with his damage over turns effect? He doesn’t HIT. In theory I was very excited about him but now that he’s maxed I don’t feel great about actually using him. I DO use him. I’ll triple stack purple against yellow tanks with Sabina and tiburtus but his damage over time is kind of detrimental.

He might as well be slow mana is how it feels.

I don’t get it…he completely stops mana gain for THREE enemy heroes. And hits with over 100 per turn on each of those frozen heroes. That’s pretty darn good. Any more powerful and he’d be a 5* hero.


That 3 turn freeze can be devastating, I have Proteus maxed recently and he is my favorite.

He is totally dominant in quests against boss levels.

I have 2 teams and my 3750 struggled against lvl 20 Morlovia, my 3400 team with Proteus wasn’t even a challenge, no sweat at all.

On raids he’s a little more shakey and it’s critical to get his special off early. But when you can use mana boost he stupid powerful.


hel Is the best 5* simply for her mana block

Protues is a 4 star and does the same

Not sure what your complaint is


Proteus is the great atlantis hero 4*
I have 2 proteus and very like him
I always take him to the raid arena :smile::smile:


He doesn’t hit? His damage output of his special is 327 over 3 turns to 3 opponents. 327*3= 981 total damage output. Compare that to HOTM Natalya that does 700 damage to a single target over 4 turns. He seems pretty effective to me.


But let’s say you need to hit NOW. His damage over time has cost me battles. You have to wait for the damage. He doesn’t give any damage at all the turn you use him. That’s what makes Hel amazing is she hits immediately, plus the mana freeze.

That’s also why Hel is one of the very best HotM, while Proteus is a 4*.

My only complaint about the fish-mage is that I have too many good 5* dark heroes who would be good to ascend to focus on Proteus yet.


I have played with Hel since Season 2 when she came back up. There is no way I could turn back and the only time she is not in my group is when fighting non-Holy titans.

When it comes to damage, I only count on it when hitting Holy heroes like Guin. Other than that, her main function is control. Stoping 3 defenders from casting for 3 turns or gaining mana is probably the most powerful special you could have.

No, Proteus doesn’t have her 5* stats and damage, but he does have her control. I have 2 Hels and 2 Proteus for wars. I have all the other mana\casting controller heroes like Merlin, Hansel, Peters, etc, but they don’t control the field like Hel or Proteus. Think of the damage as a little bonus. If your not putting out enough focus more on your snippers\damage dealers. Make them do their job and let Proteus allow them to safely build their mana.


In beta it used to do direct damage before it was changed.

I can tell you he is fine as it is now, because before it was just too good to be a 4*.


Proteus’ DoT also avoids defense buffs and damages all colors equally.


Yes you are wrong. VERY WRONG

Hel Jr. = awesome.


True dat, but equally true that Proteus’ DoT isn’t improved by offensive buffs or elemental debuffs. It’s a two-edged sword, like all DoT.


Hel stops mana for 3 enemies as well.

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Sorry I was reading the old/original version of her card and the wording is odd/confusing. I’ll delete my post

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Whoa, that must be a really old card. lol

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Proteus still has more tile damage than most purple 4s as well

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I have three maxed proteus a maxed hel and hel at 70. Yes proteus is amazing that amazing. When you face an alliance of yellow tanks you won’t complain of having a maxed proteus


Proteus’ DoT IS, however, impacted by some stat on the accompanying troop. My lvl 4.59 Proteus in the roster does 318 over 3. When paired with a lvl 13 3* reanimated knight, IN BATTLE, his skill says he does 351 over 3.

When I paired him with a lvl 5 3* reanimated knight, IN BATTLE, his skill says he does 327 over 3.

In the roster, he always says 318.

I haven’t test with other troop types, but that’s been my experience over the past few days.


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