Proteus and Ingolf

Does anyone know why when I fire off Proteus and Ingolf no matter the order the 55 poison damage from Ingolf is active not the poison damage from Proteus?

It shoudlnt matter as far as I know… otherwise just test on some easy map lvl :slight_smile:


Thank you for your responses. I am really wondering why if I use both Proteus and Ingolf it is Ingolfs corrosive damage that applies. They do not stack and it does not matter if Proteus is fired first or second. If I fire Proteus first then Ingolf then ingolfs corrosive damage removes the poison from Proteus and applies Ingolfs but if I fire Ingolf first Proteus damage does not apply.

The answer is in @Dudeious.Maximus post. Corrosive overrides dispellables. Proteus’ poison damage is dispellable. So while Ingolf’s corrosive damage will override Proteus’ poison, Proteus’ poison cannot override Ingolf’s corrosive. It’s how it’s designed to be.


Ingolf can over right posion by anyone expect undispel cheriser cat or jabberwok.
If you fire proteus then ingolf… Ignolf will take over posion if you fire ingolf then proteus ingolf corresive poison will stay…

That make sense?


It does make sense. I just did not see that info anywhere. Where can I find that?

Thank you for your help.

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Actually, a change on V44 states that Corrosive now overrides non-dispellables


Awesome, thank you for your help

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Use corrosive in search. Most have been in bugs n issues…
That post was from beta fourm which isn’t available to Others, I recall it as I asked about the same issue there…

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