Proposition: Pull vs Push Alliance Recruiting

I have seen the Alliance Recruitment channel zoom by every time I venture in and try to recruit new members for my alliance. During peak times there can be more than half a dozen new messages per second, with many of them being copy-and-pasted alliance banner adds (I use them myself).

So… figure I may as well offer up a theoretical solution that would let players seeking alliances search for themselves (pull) rather than relying on catching a recruiter at the right time in AR (and being bombarded with messages as soon as they show up un-tagged in chat… push).

I believe this would need to be a new section, similar to the list of Alliances that exists now, but specifically for Alliance that are seeking new members. (Once full, or if alliance leaderships turns off a “looking for new members” flag, the alliance dissapears from the list).

Similar to the Message of the Day, each Alliance could have a recruitment message where information about the alliance and the kind of members they seek could be typed and viewable by those seeking an alliance.

Now all of that by itself would still result in a great many alliance to look through, so some kind of filtering process would be great to narrow down the list.

Rather than leave it up to user-generated flags/metrics/triggers I personally think a preset list of checkboxes and value ranges could be used. Here are some theoretical options:

  • Required Trophies (easy to think of as this is already in place in the Alliance settings)
  • Primary Language (kind of already in place in Alliance settings… though sometimes it’s misused to remove profanity filters)
  • Required Level (not sure if this would really matter, but it is a metric so may as well list it)
  • Adult only (couldn’t really enforce this on the part of the players, but it would let the alliance wishes be known)
  • Casual vs Competitive Titan participation (some alliance care, some don’t… would either need to be 2 radio buttons or some kind of drop-down selector. Could also have words like Optional or Mandatory)
  • Casual vs Competitive War Participation (just like Titans, some care and some don’t)
  • Optional vs Mandatory Chat participation (some alliances are hard core, some people like to chat a lot or hardly at all)
  • Line App used (some alliances care, and so do some players)
  • Discord App used
  • (Other popular Chat) app used
  • Drama vs No Drama (All I see are “drama free” or “no drama” listings… I don’t think I see anyone saying “we have drama!” as a positive, but hey why not, maybe some actually seek it)
  • Most Active Times (not sure of how this would best be implemented… some alliance want to coordinate specific times of high activity, and some want activity spread out across all 24 hours… I’ve been in both positions)
  • PC vs Non-PC (hey… it’s a thing… some people feel strongly one way or another)

I’m asking those in my alliance for more ideas for this part… will update with the good ones.

Anyway… the Alliance leadership could set up as many of those metrics as they wanted, and when users search, they could use whichever flags/triggers they wanted, use those options to filter the list of alliances down, then scroll through the filtered Alliances and check out their recruitment banners to make a decision.

Perhaps it is wishful thinking, but if it isn’t written down and put out there then it could never be anything more.

Overall, a great proposal

I roll my eyes at all the generic adverts…grow with us… use your flags or opt out… yada yada