Proposing war semi participation option. Not just all out or all in

I can log into this game once a day sometimes twice. I’ve had to permanently opt out of War to not drag my alliance down. I can use a few flags but I can rarely use all of them consistently especially when there is so much else to try and do in the game when I log in.

Some people have no time but love the game andwould like more passive role options.

I would love a semi participation war option. I don’t really mind what it looks like.

Be able to give away some or all of my war offence flags to other team mates. Possibly even have this as automatic once the war is nearly finished so that all unused flags become fair game for the team.

Reward for extra flags users: Fill their war chest quicker (and mine slower). Also allowing the team to function better.

I believe this would already be quite balanced as the offence team already has a limit of not reusing the same card twice. Perhaps add a limit that they cannot play a power level team above that of the person they took the flag from.

Thanks for listening!

Nice idea, but I would like to suggest a fine tune of your idea : i.e make all alliance flags to be in a pool, for instance if 5 players should opt in to the war, the entire 30 flags would be in a pool and each player would be entitle to draw 3 flags per round from the pool. So on the second round if there are flags left unused till say 1hr to the end of the war, then any of the players who had used up their flag quota can then have access to use 1 or 2 more flags ( say max of 2).

The pros : it will help to resolve unused flag and it’s related issues…opt out or no opt issues.

The cons: since rewards are functionally controlled by RNG, issue of unfair rewards vs performance would be all over the place.
Also some players would endlessly not just participate but leave their teams opted in.
It also means the current participation percentage would have to be adjusted or altered to be based on flag usage.


Not a good idea actually… just imagine an alliance with an average player level of 20 and one level 60 player. A level 60 player would have the roster resources to kill not only 6 level 20 enemy teams, but 10 or maybe more… personally I never use more than half my roster in a war and the teams I have left after 6 flags are resonably strong, enough to inflict serious damage to the enemy. Giving flags to the strongest players in the alliance would become common practice and would destroy alliance wars, turning them into individual wars…


I agree with the latest comment.

The purpose of the war is to test alliance strength and coordination. Having to deal with less experience players or less active players is part of the deal. Remind that the alliance you are facing has the same problems (well, you may face more or less active teams, but that’s not what I say).

Having elder players helping the less experimented players is a good moment of sharing and very rewarding.

That’s my philosophy and what we apply in my alliance. Everyone feels then concerned.

But that doesn’t solve OP problem and sorry if you can’t participate to wars with your alliance. Maybe try to opt out in the week and do the weekend war where you can find 2-3 windows where you can play.

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Isn’t the simple solution to this to just limit the amount of extra flags any one player can use? Problem solved? And any change is balanced by the fact both sides have the same rules

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That raises another possible solution a partial opt in that only places you in every second war or something like that. They just occur way too frequently for me to be able to consistently participate and managing opt in and opt out itself isnt feasible to do consistently

I think your all forgetting the 30 only hero factor thus not possible to use more flags than the 6 current ones so this option wouldn’t work.

I feel the OP could go to more casual alliance who isn’t that strict in wars.
But also Alliance Wars is designed to encourage alliance team work and thus involves for everyone who partakes to do their bit equally or just don’t take part.

Why would one join a strict alliance when they can’t meet that alliances rules and then complain to SG that it’s not working, SG didn’t put you in that alliance and there are plenty of relaxed ones out there.

Definitely bad idea, thumbs down to it. War, as it looks like now, is really good structured, tested and working well. The only “issues” that may happen are with war matchmaking and so called “new alliances” or war shuffle “stretegy” - mainly done by alliance who pretty much are scared to fight equal opponents so they decide to cheat and decrease their war score to get easier opponents. Anyway…

Well buddy, i don’t want to be that guy, but if you are that less active player, war is definitely not an event for you and you should opt out. Another solution could be to plan your 6 war hits well so you can actually use ALL flags when you log in game once or twice a day. War is far way more than just a team event for most alliances, especially competitive ones. There are so many strategies during war so most alliances simply can not afford to lose flags cause of inactivity of a certain player. Just opt out…

There is actually no point commention on this one. @Ian487 already said enough on it.

Like I said, not a strict suggestion, there are multiple ways to make it work not thought of yet.
And thanks for all the assumptions but my current alliance is fine and not strict. I would however like to assist more.

The OP’s idea, not you personally. Cheers

Maybe find an alliance that does have a laid back approach to wars :woman_shrugging:

It’s a bad idea if we some in level 20 and some in level 50 the level 20 could give their flags to the level 50s and that alliance could pry always win

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Agreed! Not at all something that should be done. People would be making dupe accts just to have allllll those extra flags. Same reason there will be no trading amongst alliance members. Always a loophole! Lol
Sorry OP not able to do War, we work around schedules when we can, but if can’t must opt out. Hope you are able to participate soon.

Not many constructive suggestions here, I’m not saying any one suggestion works perfectly but there are a million tweaks that might make an ideal solution or completely different solution.

My alliance is fine with me, it’s very simple: I would just like a way to contribute in some way while opted out or instead of fully opting out . :confused:

Probably because there’s not much constructive to say about the suggestion. This is a poor idea that would completely change the concept of war (for the worse in my opinion) and would generate even more outrage and complaints than the current setup does.

If your current alliance is fine and not strict then what exactly is the issue?

As I said, I would just like a way to contribute in some way while opted out or instead of fully opting out.

There are constructive ideas that can’t possibly break anything. One of them above was to opt in to every second war automatically. No need for such negativity.

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