Proposed Solution in Lieu of Hero Academy

Given all the opposition and rejection of the hero academy that has been going around I felt inclined to propose a solution that is open to discussion. I feel the situation comes down ultimately to the community(consumers) getting their money’s worth out of the game.

Last year when I was just a beginner there was only a challenge and Atlantis summon event during the month. With all the new summons and the costs of all of them the lack of returns in 5 stars and pulls of duplicate 5 stars makes the costs redundant and not worth it. The hero academy doesn’t remedy this by a long shot.

SG has made it clear they still want the community to spend money on summons for profit which many would agree and feel is fair in the least, as long as you get your money’s worth. And currently no one is, so to make it worth it I feel that the hero academy should be dumped as it’s an insult as a solution and not beneficial.

In place of it I suggest three improvements to the current system to make it worth it.

  1. Increase the odds of pulling 5 stars and especially the event 5 stars so that you get you money’s worth in pulling.
  2. Add pulls of ascension items in the summon system as a bonus to get additional incentive for the money and so that pulled 5 stars can actually be fully maxed out because the system is even more tight with ascension items in my opinion.
  3. A ten pull should come with a kind of retrain hero token that allows you to retrain a duplicate 5 star into one of the event hero’s at random, activated with food/iron etc. And that can be limited to 1 or 2 hero’s to be retrained per event as an incentive to use multiple events to retrain duplicates.

I feel this possibly can offer the community and SG what they each want respectively. SG can make their profits and the community can get their higher rate of hero’s and items, and retraining of duplicates. Please share and discuss, share your thoughts. Let’s work together to find a workable solution for all.

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