Propose for events to occur every fortnight instead of monthly event

Although I am pretty new to the game (less than 2months of playing), but I been reading up a lot of topics in this forum regarding E&P.

We all know that dev were working very hard recently to make the game more interesting and as balance as possible. From what I saw, they are trying to implement

  1. new events,
  2. adjusting the loots available during raids to make us fight for trophies tier
  3. doing research and removing of overpowered titans
  4. Finding the balancing point for pairing AW

So guys, give them some time to set things right.

Back to my topic, I realized that more and more players are requesting for new features and new ideas and new stuffs to the game to keep it interesting.

So my suggestion is: SG should run events (Pirates, Guardian, Heroes, Fables) every fortnight instead of making it a monthly events.

  1. Come on guys. Be realistic. Which online RPG can constantly be implementing new items, new format to the game every few months? So I sincerely feel that in order to make players feel that the game is interesting and high replay value, we should work on the skeleton and Key of the games.

  2. Shortening the events to every two weeks.

  3. Improve the prize payout.
    A few example: Be slightly more generous with the following
    More World Energy Flask (Let those actives players find more loots n farmable)

Event Heroes Summon token
Over promised of event heroes is impossible. Giving them Event Heroes summon token and giving them a chance to draw heroes will be nice. Although 70-80% will be common rare draws, but it still make players hopeful and happy right?

More of the 3* unfarmable ascension items especially gloves and compass.
Each element 3* unfarmable ascension such as blade, orb should still be SCARCE. But I hope that the rewards can be slightly better for those that finishes in the mid range. I know it might be tough to implement such a prize but giving them a 3* ascension gift box and it can give them a 3* ascension items of their choice will be cool and interesting. Right?

  1. Having events on a monthly basis will eventually lead to another issue. Heroes appearance rate is WAY TOO LOW. we are currently having 4 different events. So if we follow sequence, each event will only appear every 4 months. Making it 9 days of appearance in a year.
    I understand that E&P is a game of patience but for those fans and players that really wish to get more heroes to try out different strategies. A wait for 4 months might make it sound too sad to be true.

Maybe my suggestion and proposal does not sound great to SG, but in simple I think SG should make events more interesting and more rewarding. Do spend tons of efforts to make the tournament that players greatly look upon to participate and “wish to win something out of it”. Then it will comes with high replay abilities that will cease some players concern.

Thanks for reading…

Sorry not too sure how to edit my own posting.

But I will greatly appreciate if players also sound out other possibility to make events more interesting or proposal on the prize payout.

(Please do not ask and wish for over valued payout as we know it is not going to work.)



First I appreciate your idea about potential increase in the frequency of the events, but there is an unfortunate situation where those who continue to win them get even further ahead. Players who are in the top positions generally get further ahead for example Zero wins or places top 10 in most events, which is a result of his good skill. Unfortunately this gap would only get worse as people who come in top positions consistently continue to do so.

Please note I am not dismissing your idea, but I am saying a lot of players may be leery of implementing it because of this gap.

Too Long Didn’t Read version
While I like the idea personally I don’t think biweekly/ fortnightly events will help as much. Personally I would rather the reward levels be kept as they are for monthly/ bimonthly events which are bigger, but also afford a good payoff.

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Hi Joe,

Thanks for reading and feedback.

Regarding your pointer,

  1. I am targeting more on the med tier prize payout as I mention in my topic. Maybe I be more specific.

Or if SG is generous enough, maybe

Main objective is to let majority of the community feel wanting to participate and score well in events instead of asking for new features etc

If SG works better on the med tier prize payout, in fact it is improving and closing the gaps of mid tier/hardworking players towards the higher tier players. Not increasing the gap.

I also mentioned that ascension items should remain scarce especially the 4* items. So not necessary to further improve the prize payout for the top spot.
But SG can still gives them more flask or some crafting items to their loot cos they tend to use a lot of items during battles to get better score.

I must still agree that increase the frequency of the events might make regular top spot players double their winning and possibly put the distance.

But how big is the group that we are looking at?
10-20 players that can regularly win top3 of the same tournament?
These twenty or so players will still be unreachable for F2P players regardless what they do.

I believe even top players quit playing for 3-6months, most of the accounts still cannot match their existing achievements. So what is the difference with or without more events? To further on these, even if it really make a differences for these 20players, I still think that they deserve it after spending lots of money and effort. They deserved to win and being noticed by everyone.

Lastly, whatever new features that SG thinks of and implement: It also will have it owns prize payout. Regardless PvP or dungeon or so.
So top players will again have more chances of getting items.

Haha… the above is just my opinion and suggestion. Hope no offense taken and I only sincerely hope to improve the gaming environment and making it more interesting for us to stay on.

  1. If all is not going to work out, I still hope that SG can work on the appearance of the event heroes.

9 days a year is really quite … …

It might be interesting if they were to have a big event each month like there is now, but to also have weekly or biweekly mini-events that run for one day on just one tier (i.e, one week is epic Pirates, next is legendary Guardians, etc.). That would give everyone something new to do each week without going overboard on handing out rare items to top players. Corresponding event summons could be available on the day of the mini-event so that you don’t have to wait months in between chances at a particular event hero.

A few concerns with increased frequency…

  • How are you going to have ANY battle items left to fight Titans?
  • How are you going to decide which heros to level and how are you going to do that?

At two months, you’ve had one or two events. It should have motivated you to focus on certain heros(check leaderboards for squad goals!) I’m freaking out right now because I’ve known for a month that Grim is a red-reflect. I’m good in the top-tier but all I have is Ulmer for 3* event. I’m scrambling to fix that this week but I’m behind.(Alasie was hungry and mistakes may have been made).
My point is, increasing the frequency won’t grant instant rewards if your team(s) and battle items aren’t up for it. It will probably add to the frustration.
Good luck in the Forest this week!

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