Proposals from some players

Good evening
dear developers and dear players.

I am writing to you because I have been asked if I could turn some ideas to the developers…
(ideas of other players, who have been playing E&P like me for years) …
below you will find some ideas for modify the game and make it even more competitive and improve it in the aspects of it …
trivial things that perhaps thinking about it would help many players…
these are only small proposals … Then rightly it is up to you to decide whether to accept them or not … thanks for reading,
I wish you a good continuation and good game to all.

P.S. I’m sorry for my english


1 - 1 vs 1 real time online raid with the cards on the table … chess and checkers style. Pure strategy. 30 seconds per max move if you don’t do it you lose it and it’s up to the other. Maybe with half the damage to make the battle last a little longer.

2- in alliances show who is online of the members without necessarily going through the battlefield or click on the member to see how long he has not connected and put a list of those online only to encourage the chat of the alliance or even just a ball next to green or even better to color the name green.

3- button of the single collection for iron and food from farms and mines, or an option to click on any farm or mine and collect everything in one click

4- exchange of characters (heroes) once a month between users with food and metals perhaps or with very rare tokens or for those who finish the path … only heroes maxed out perhaps to discourage double users and account level above 40 / 50 to avoid wild and targeted exchanges between accounts of the same person.

5- possibility to watch the war battles live by clicking on a button next to the battle box.

6- In the titan’s screen, show who is attacking him to understand whether or not to intervene when there is little left to avoid wasting an attack.

7- on the info of the hero cards of the month, write the month and year when they came out as if it were a collectible Panini album.

8- Create a viewable section that can be browsed like a real album of stickers that fills up as heroes are found … obviously divided into categories … classics, atlantis, valhalla, avalon, tetrobosco, heroes of the month, etc.) . A real collection of stickers. Then they can also be fed … but once found anyway, it ends up in the album and remains there. Obviously there is also a percentage of completion to make the collection more compelling and competitive!

9- on the info cards all put month and year of reception … to keep the story of the heroes of your account. From first to last.

Thanks for collecting some quite interesting ideas, whereof a few have been discussed before. I see that some of them will increase qol especially for alliance leaders (ie titan hits, online members), while others are just nice to have (like album function), and others might produce unwanted pressure on players (ie online indicator).
Don’t get me wrong, i would appreciate some of the suggested ideas! However, if we have a look at it from SGG’s perspective… There is no easy way to monetize any single of those ideas. :grimacing: Even worse, exchange of heroes might not only open loopholes for manipulations, but will also decrease SGG’s income.

To increase the developers’ interest to even consider putting effort in those ideas, i think there needs to be any suggestion on how this will be valuable for SGG. Maybe a small buy-in for heads up raids, let’s say 10 gems or something alike…

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Each idea should be its own separate thread for people to consider rather than bundled together. That aside…

  1. Already proposed:
    What about some real-time raid duels? / Live PVP Raids [MASTER]

  2. Already proposed:
    Online/Offline (Green Light) Indicator for players

  3. Already proposed:
    Collect all (button)

  4. As I understand it SG rejected the concept of player to player trading and we got Hero Academy instead. But main thread:
    [Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

  5. Already proposed:
    Idea: Ability to watch war fights in progress [MASTER]

  6. Already proposed:
    Being able to see if Titan is being hit

  7. Different. Haven’t seen this before.

  8. A gallery of sorts which goes with 7.

  9. Different, I believe.

Perhaps propose a new general gallery idea which involves what you mention in 7, 8 and 9 as they are closely related. Probably more 7 and 8 than 9, but that’s just my interpretation and experience from other games.


More than that, isn’t it in development already?

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The funny thing is they have that in their other game (combat puzzles).

It is, yes. It was in one of the latest beta versions. :slight_smile:

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A proposed feature making it into the game? :astonished:

Got a few too :slightly_smiling_face:
1- Arena of Materials - Some tiles are materials, for example if you connect 3 roots you get a root etc.
2- Inner alliance raid/trade (materials, heroes etc., can be done monthly or by optaining “trading” coins) system.
3- Limited challenge event reruns, for example 5 reruns per stage or 50 in total per tier.
4- War. No 5stars allowed, certain elements forbidden, new field aids (heavy rain - red heroes attack halfed, ice mountain - blue heroes att+, “like the old days” - Telluria/vela forbidden :rofl: etc etc)

Согласен я тоже за это +1.

It happens a lot of time before.

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