Proposal to "Recommend" a player

Hey, first of all I would like to wish you all my best wishes for 2020. :blush:

  • I would like to share my idea regarding the game. Did you think it would be possible to have a tab "Recommendation "on the game to highlight the players who help and / or inform in order to optimize the experience gain of other players?
    Because sometimes I see answers that are not very logical, and some players asking for help are sometimes confused and do not know who to believe or do not understand very well what is explained to them. With the “Recommendation” object, a player would potentially wear a special badge so that we know that this player knows what he is talking about and that he does not wander in his words.

I actually find the players on the forum are very helpful. Sure, they often have different opinions on effective game play (mono, combos, rainbow, etc) but there is rarely outrageously erroneous information since it’s well moderated and players will correct bad information.

Compared to FB or Reddit, the information on the forum is excellent, in my opinion.

Certainly there are very well respected knowledgable players and they are often tagged by players for specific questions.

I just think we are very lucky to have such a great community!


I totally agree with you, but in that sorrecis I am talking about the game itself. I know that the forum is exceptional for the many info and superb help found there, but on the game chats, there is no longer any moderator or authority simply to correct some players who think they have toukiurrs right. Hence the fact that I offer the badge, reliable players will be recognizable and we know that these people are trustworthy. Thank you for taking the time to read me and respond.:blush:

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Well, I took the time but obviously didn’t read what you wrote :grin:

Are you talking about the global chats?

In the actual game I’m sure the leadership must promote based on knowledge, experience and helpfulness. If an in-game player gave wrong information, I’m sure they’d be corrected.

As far as the global chat, I’m sorry … I still consider it a cess pool.


I would be happy if Alliance leaders could just mark war jumpers with a badge.


In any public chat, pointing questioning players towards the forum or line groups is typically best bet

Or if they’re looking for small talk, getting reported, and 1 sided loosely true info they can go to peer support in game


My biggest issue with this is that there is no one way to play. People play differently and therefore have different ways that they do stuff. Doesn’t necessarily make one wrong or right. For some of the basic game stuff setting up albums inbline with that specific information that can readily be found can be helpful

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