Proposal - Titan Quests

Please create a quest where we fight titans, single handed and without a time limit, because I really want to smash these squids, gorgons and dragons into smithereens.

I’m sure that I could take down at least a 6* or 7* by myself if it weren’t for the clock getting in the way. And, I realize that setting any kind of a battle without a time limit is just a can of worms waiting to be opened. If you implement the same tiered attack bonus that happens in long raid battles that would wrap up battles without them taking too long.

The strategy for taking down a titan would be very different from what the top alliances do now. The dependence on particular battle items would be much different because nobody currently cares whether their heroes survive more than a minute. The current focus is to do the maximum amount of damage within a limited time. Changing the rules of the engagement in this way would force players to focus on survivability of their heroes and not just running up the damage scoreboard.

The rewards do not have to be of the same caliber as the titan loot, the attraction would be to kill titans. It is very rare for me to be the one delivering the killing blow on a titan and I think a titan quest would fill that void in my heart.

I’m all for more individual quests/challenges so :+1: from me.
(I’m also out of votes and can’t :heart: the above post.)


Great idea. I was toying with the idea of just running the last mission in season 1 against the dark lord for fun (when my team is strong enough, can’t beat it right now). This is a much better idea and we could possibly get good stuff from it.

Or maybe even a titan challenge event that happens each month two weeks after the normal monthly event.