PROPOSAL - Teach beginners to "lock heroes" in the beginner tutorial PLEASE!

When I first started this game, I made the newbie mistake of accidentally feeding my Bane to another hero.

I was SO upset :sob:

PLEASE consider adding “locking your heroes” to the beginner tutorial!

This is a great idea. I never made the mistake and didn’t understand the use until my roster started getting larger. But it is a very good habit to get used to from the beginning. Also add a mention about troops as well.


I fed him on purpouse. Now i consider upgrading him again.

Bumping because this topic came up: Accidentally fed Lianna to BT - #5 by grzechol

Although the above scenario was the users fault due to not paying attention, I think that locking heroes should still be part of the beginner tutorial. IF a tutorial was made around class emblems, why not for such a simple feature?

I wouldn’t even mind 5* heroes to arrive ‘locked’ by default.


Personally I would not mind if unique heroes ( not currently on the account), non-Classic heroes, 4* heroes and 5* heroes were locked by default.

Pokémon GO does something similar with non-Classic heroes.

All Atlantis 3* would arrive locked.

Yes it is annoying, but it does prevent many many accidental removing of a hero you just spent gems to get.

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I didn’t know you could lock heroes for literally over a year. I only realized it because i accidentally locked a 1* yellow and had to ask in chat what the hell happened… Would be a simple addition to the tutorial.


That’s a good idea that all new/unique heroes arrive locked (by new I mean it is the only one in your roster), and for sure all 5* heroes should arrive locked.
The tutorial should definitely cover the locking mechanic.

@zephyr1 Has devs ever gave their opinion on this request?
I just remembered it as I’ve met yet another player (>2years) who didn’t know about the feature and was spending gems on team slots in order to make the heroes safe.

When I was a leader that is one of the first things I told new members. I still do even though I am a co leader.

Not that I’m aware of.