Proposal -- Rare Quest Once Per Week

I believe most of the players have encountered the same problem that certain ascension items are just impossible to collect to the required amount to ascend the heroes. Most of the players spend a lot of $$$ to summon the desired 5* heroes and it just simply does not make sense to wait another 5-6 months to ascend them. With the alliance war happening twice per week, it is even crucial that we have to level our team up in faster pace.

I really hope SM will be listening to this proposal…


Rare Quests come at last every 10 days. Sometimes Even faster. Check The Forum there are ppl keeping Track of it.

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It definitely feels like forever. In that case they need to make it Once per week :slight_smile:

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It was once per week a month or two ago but they nerfed that too

They had two just recently so I think they occur fairly often.

I think the frequency of rare quests is good where it is now, but the problem is that almost all of the other quests are worthless. Recruits II with the troop token, Battle Items II with the raid flask, and gems/gems II are the only other quests that are better than farming the map. I think if they improved rewards for common and uncommon quests then people would care about more than just when the next rare quest will come.


I totally skip those common quest. Regular farming produces better loot.

I agree with lastsamuri. The “good” rare ones that drop sturdy shields, orbs, hidden blades, etc. have only been happening once a month for at least 3 months for me. Not every 10 days. Wanted chests are the same.

I was ok with the ascension drop rates when I only had to deal with 1 or two teams. AW changed that, now I need to assend a lot of heroes I would have passed on.

For example: prior to AW I had a maxed Azlar and 2 level one Colens. There was 0 reasons to level them before. Now I want both. Same for my 4 Grimms, of which only 1 is maxed.

I feel the idea of upping the drop rate for the “needed” materials needs to go up, because the game has changed.


I have just changed the proposal to have Rare Quest Once Per Week. I am sure it will make everyone happy and players will summon more:-)

We’re talking Rare Quests, (Farholme, Shiloh Desert, Morlovia, etc) not the elemental wanted chests.

Rare quests happen at the same time for everyone. Right now that’s between 7-10 days.
Elemental Wanted chests are random and different for each person.

Here is more information on the recent Rare Quests if anyone is interested. They cycle in order so you know when to expect each one.

Yes, that is what I was writing about. Sorry to be unspecific. I added wanted chests because their rate seems to have dropped the same rate as the rare quests. I only get one of each a month.

I don’t care how we get more assention materials, new mechanic or old. I believe I am on to LastSamuri’s point, that it feels like non farmable ascension materials are dropping less now, but because of the change to the game caused by AW (which I love), we need more drops.

Willing to be wrong (love to be wrong). I just finished Morlovia. I will count the days. If it is 7-10 I will happily eat a hat I own. ; )

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Please save the life of a hat! Haha no need to eat one, we’ve tracked (I believe since beginning of the year) all of the Rare Quests and you can find those dates in the thread I posted above.

I just think the drop rate of the ascension material has dropped. I used to get 3* and 4* ascension from the chests and now hardly any. Therefore, regular rare quest is recommended to keep us continue growing. It will be no fun to have most of the heroes stuck at the same level for months and months.

Mmmoof Mmmer Mmmight MmmoSmmmokd
Sorry, mouth full of hat
You were right @2Spookd

I checked the history of the excel spreadsheet I track my progress on (I’m that kinda nerd) and I am definitely getting more that one per week.

I have been doing this game for almost a year and feel I am an old hand. But as I have written elsewhere there is always something to learn, which is something I love about this game. I have been logged in A LOT recently and my game passage of time vs real world time has been skewed. Thanks

Now back to eating this hat. Don’t worry, this hat had it coming. Yum!


Make sure to put some sauce on that hat and don’t forget to drink lot’s of water.