PROPOSAL - New Building: Alchemy Lab

What a great idea… like a lot of players I too have hit a brick wall in progression…i can’t roll the AMs I need so I’m stuck with no idea of how long it’s going to take to get them…i play everyday, morning and night… it can get frustrating playing that much and not making any real progress… please consider this idea devs


A thousand times, yes! It gets so frustrating to play every day, hit every titan, fill the chests as quickly as possible, and still have heroes just stuck indefinitely because you never seem to get what you need. And even if an item you need finally turns up, you still need 3 more, so you’re still just stuck. It would be cool to also be able to convert 2 of any lower level item to one higher level item.


Even 3-4 lower level…I mean, these are high-level items we’re talking about, right?


They added a troop building to the game, so i come up with that we can use a new forge.

So we can craft: high lv heroes upgrade items form lower tier items or ingredens. Or maybe new stuff.

Its just so u dont need to grind titans over and over, so we got a little esay way to get it. And yes the price shall be high so its just not a givaway.

Hope its understand abel.


Yes, I have no new ideas to contribute, however I hope this is taken into consideration and feel that continued voices of support would help.

Seriously. I’ve been playing for a while, and have reached a point where I am making zero progress in this game… the same goes for many members of my alliance. It’s not only frustrating, but a little disheartening to put so much time into a game where there is virtually no hope of progressing! A building of this type, as proposed above, would still require a time commitment and some effort to obtain materials… but it would at least give players some measure of hope to ascend our heroes and keep playing!

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I am not asking for a quick, easy fix to my ascension item woes… but a little ray of hope would be a great help!


Great Idea! This atleast gives some hope of progressing in the game. Even if build times are long and cost a lot of food/iron/regular items this would definitely be a welcome addition.


Totally on board with this idea. Would be an awesome addition!


Sorry for necro, but this is a really cool idea and it needs to be said :stuck_out_tongue:


This would be awesome, even if the chances were small (like TC13 and TC20) or the crafting times long or the required materials to convert excessive so it can’t be abused (if you could convert 1 and 2* items to a 3* or whatever).


Really really good idea, that will take away the frustration of having really bad luck with the RNG regarding ascension materials! Thumbs up!


This idea is so good, it finally got me to make an account just so i could like and comment here


Love this idea as well - there are multiple threads on it, and I almost started one myself before finding them.


While this is a great idea, what is the devs track record on implementing user requested features? Any one knows? As many have said, I am new to the game and am sitting on tons of stuff I can’t use yet…Or as someone has already suggested, a trade building (digressing a bit here)…

When I started building my Forges, I discovered all kinds of things I could use those “unneeded” items on! :wink:


Indeed this is an great idea! @Gips it looks similar yours! Like the post and hopefully it get the attention of developers and more moderators

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Love love love this idea!

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I love the idea of being able to craft Ascension items. What I dont like is the fact we would have to trade high rarity items plus resources for Ascension items. I say if you need an item such as a sturdy shield, you would need resources (food/iron/energy) and then use a larger number of common items such as 25-100 wooden shields. I feel if we are required to use 4* items to craft other 4* items the developers may make the drop on 4* items fewer and far between.


Yea sometimes I wish there were other buildings to do things with, especially when the energy is out on all 3 flags and you have no flasks. Some of the above conversion ideas are pretty awesome. I also wish there were an academy in addition to the training camps to further push some beloved 3 or 4* heroes to become 4 and 5*, and heroes that could only ascend to 3 or 4 stripes go to 4 or 5 stripes. I realize there is money to be made by the game company, but maybe make it very limited to 1* and 1 stripe per month or something.

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I also wish there were gold coins in addition to gems, and some things we use food on we could use gold. We use food for so much and there is never enough. Maybe if there were a bank we could build for that and earn or buy gold, like some from map etc and if we want to buy gold when we buy gems we could do either or both.

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Have you seen the new “list of what we’re working on” from SG?