PROPOSAL - New Building: Alchemy Lab


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I just want to add a few levels where we could convert damascus blades, tomes, compasses, and gloves. I have 5 blades and 2 tomes, and 9 compasses but only 2 gloves. The extras of these items are utterly worthless as the one cannot be used without the other.


This is exactly what is needed. Players are constantly complaining over this exact game frustration. Case in point I have three characters that need 4 warm capes to ascend. I’ve been trying for two months I’m only at 3/12 needed.


@Tobiasreaper, isn’t it sad that we need so many ascension items and there are nearly no ways to obtain them naturally besides luck based chest opportunities? You can pay though, but it gets expensive and is unfair for f2p players. There is definitely a disconnect here and this Alchemy Lab is something that should be in the forefront of the developers mind to retain older players and attract new ones. Just my opinion, rant over.


@StaceyTurner77 it is the biggest flaw in the game.


I would wholeheartedly sacrifice all of my 1000 rugged clothes for just one more hidden blade :pray::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Love the idea of introducing gold/shards plus recycling unwanted ascension items, gives us some hope! Upvote :+1::+1::+1:


My 2 cent about this idea.
I think, there are two main ideas behind this alchemy lab. First - make rare AM more available.Second - get rid of some useless junk.

Let’s say, RNG really hates you and you can get AM only from rare quests. So, to fully ascend a 4*, you’ll need 8 months. For a 5*, you’ll need a 12 months more. It’s kinda long time.

So, my guess would be like that:
1 rare 4* AM for 2 rare 4* AM (i. e you can craft a mystic rings from two trap tools).
1 rare 4* AM for 3 rare 3* AM (i. e you can craft a royal tabard from three warm cloaks).
1 rare 3* AM for 2 rare 3* AM (i. e you can craft a compass from two gloves).
1 rare 3* AM for 10 farmable 3* AM (i. e you can craft an orb of magic from ten scabbards).
1 rare 3* AM for 100 (farmable) 2* AM (i. e you can craft a sturdy shield from hundred of wooden shields).
1 (farmable) 2* AM for 5 (farmable) 1* AM (i. e you can craft a leather armor from five rugged clothes).

Crafting could require food, iron, time, but no gems and no chances of failure (but can be a chance of double reward for different recipes).

Numbers are based on my own collection of junk stuff. This can be a direct recipes or some kind of new resource (like, “AM shards”, with recycle option).

Also, we have a junk in ingredients. Like, leather strips and large bones. And string is always a necessity. So, similar system could be implemented there.
Once again, main idea is creating a some kind of junk sink, so all stuff are more or less usable for all players.


Personally, this is something that should have been implemented a long time ago. I don’t know why the developers are taking so long with something that will help them make money.


That’d be great especially if we could trade some materials for GEMS:heart_eyes:


Assuming this goes through, I hope that iron instead of food is used for all. I always have an ample supply of iron, not crafting on a daily basis the major items that need it. But on the other hand, my food supply is always near-empty. What I gain in a day I use in seconds.


That’s so odd Blair cos I’m the opposite! My food caches are always overstocked +I try to dump food into useless research or craft items I don’t need, while my iron is constantly having to be stored up for upgrades :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


My iron storage buildings are maxed, but my mines have been 13, 15, 15, & 16 for probably six months, so they sit there maxed. I have only collected the iron from them once or twice in the past four or five months. The iron that I receive through fighting and the Watchtower are more than enough to keep me going. In about two weeks, I will have upgraded every building that requires iron to do so, leaving crafting my only need for it… and I do not need it very often for that.