PROPOSAL - New Building: Alchemy Lab


this one is absolutely flawless
very great idea


They could bring a new extra type of food/iron and have say like gold, perls, ore or something like that as a third souce which could be used to say only upgrade buildings or only level and ascend heros for example which would also bring a new item that would need to be sourced by players adding also new rewards.

Just a thought


Alchemy Lab = Wonderful Idea.

If devs don’t make it easier for midlevel F2P and small spending players to at least get 4* to level 4 and 5* to level 3, then more and more players will drop out and the goose will be cooked. Hate for it to happen and this fix could prevent it.


I love this idea!!! I didn’t see a place to “like” your comment or I would have @Juzam


You could vote for it though. Just above Juzam’s post.


How about this: An alchemy lab with a CHANCE of having the loot you mentioned. Not even a guarantee… but even a 5% chance of one of those.

I know long time players, for example, who have only ever gotten 6 hidden blades but have 15 rings, for example. This gets my vote.


The problem with your 3* model is that the ingenious player would get enough accounts to make an alliance with enough members and then trade farmable 3* for nonfarmable 3* at will.
If you use only nonfarmable objects the system could be used to push one account.

So I like your idea but the implementation seems difficult.


I concur with the OP’s idea, and will add in the option to manufacture items sans “Special Ingredients”, using only Food and/or Iron, since I have an abundance of those two, but little or no of the Special Ingredients.