PROPOSAL - New Building: Alchemy Lab


this one is absolutely flawless
very great idea


They could bring a new extra type of food/iron and have say like gold, perls, ore or something like that as a third souce which could be used to say only upgrade buildings or only level and ascend heros for example which would also bring a new item that would need to be sourced by players adding also new rewards.

Just a thought


Alchemy Lab = Wonderful Idea.

If devs don’t make it easier for midlevel F2P and small spending players to at least get 4* to level 4 and 5* to level 3, then more and more players will drop out and the goose will be cooked. Hate for it to happen and this fix could prevent it.


I love this idea!!! I didn’t see a place to “like” your comment or I would have @Juzam


You could vote for it though. Just above Juzam’s post.


How about this: An alchemy lab with a CHANCE of having the loot you mentioned. Not even a guarantee… but even a 5% chance of one of those.

I know long time players, for example, who have only ever gotten 6 hidden blades but have 15 rings, for example. This gets my vote.


The problem with your 3* model is that the ingenious player would get enough accounts to make an alliance with enough members and then trade farmable 3* for nonfarmable 3* at will.
If you use only nonfarmable objects the system could be used to push one account.

So I like your idea but the implementation seems difficult.


I concur with the OP’s idea, and will add in the option to manufacture items sans “Special Ingredients”, using only Food and/or Iron, since I have an abundance of those two, but little or no of the Special Ingredients.


Yes absolutely!!!

So much better than wondering if you are ever going to get that item you have been hoping to get for over a month


Yes. This is Good idea


Maybe we need to focus on how SG can monetize this building in order to appeal to them more.

A couple options:

  • have a Gem cost for all attempted alchemy experiments. I’m thinking 25 would be respectable so let’s make it an even 50.

  • make it a premium building that requires gems to build. A lot of games do this, I’m surprised SG hasn’t breached that yet. 500 gems to unlock. Plus resources. A committed F2P could save up for that over time.

  • if an attempted alchemy experiment fails, you lose the initial ascension material (AM). BUT you can pay 100 gems to recover the item and try again!

Alright. Now that we have their attention… this babe gets done in a fortnight :))

Upgrading the Alchemy Lab costs Gems and Recruits. It has two paths of upgrades:
1 increases the chance of success for all alchemy experiments (start at 60%, increase to 90% with max upgrades)
2 odds of success actually decrease, but you gain a chance for doubling or tripling your alchemy output. (60->40), odds of doubling are 10-20%, tripling 5-10% at max level.

I’m not sure on the exact numbers there. Tier 2 might be technically better for the high roller players, but they would end up spending more in gems to ‘re-roll’ their alchemy experiments so SG could make out there.

Tier 1 would provide a safer option for the C2P people.

Bad news: this is bad for the games overall balance. Good news: it’s potentially profitable so it might happen anyway :smiley:


Absolutely agree. This would a useful building to deal with the mountains of unused materials I have stockpiled


Total Agree to having this New Building . You got my vote .


I like the idea, but rather than use valuable items, lemme turn some of my 1500 wooden shields into one Sturdy Shield, a combination of leather and wooden shields or perhaps non ‘like’ products.


Using gems is not great - I ask that we not use gems by necessity, BUT u can use them if ur a millionaire and have tons of gems. Why make it a chance thing? You pay so many wooden shields to make one Sturdy Shield - easy and makes the game more fun… right now the game is kinda slow, and the gameplay leaving a bit to be desired.


It’s that way by design. So that the developers can make money and to pace the game slowly - purposefully.

Any suggestion to potentially alter the pace of the game needs to be balanced by profitability to the developers. Otherwise it isn’t going to happen.

Of course as players we don’t like it. But let’s be realistic with our proposals because otherwise either they won’t happen, or they’ll be changed into something profitable anyway (see: tickets, loot)


Theme exists more than a year, so much good or not good ideas… But realize one thing, SGG will make such Alchemy Lab (if they will make it maybe) - you bet common herb, pay 100 gems, the wheel is spinning spinning spinning and you win… common herb. Ahahahahaha


This kind of new building is a good idea, but instead of a guarantee outcome (which I don’t think viable considering the current system), I would say make it a chance, like another slot machine, but for AM.

Basically go for whatever recipe like training at TC20, there is a chance for the player to get 3* and 4* non-farmable AM, but he/she could end up with 2* craps as well, just receiving a 3* hero after spending almost 300k food and 100 recruits.


Sad - they are making money hand over fist… why get greedy? Sad, coming from professional development.


You’re preaching to the choir :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: