PROPOSAL - New Building: Alchemy Lab

Indeed this is an great idea! @Gips it looks similar yours! Like the post and hopefully it get the attention of developers and more moderators

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Love love love this idea!

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I love the idea of being able to craft Ascension items. What I dont like is the fact we would have to trade high rarity items plus resources for Ascension items. I say if you need an item such as a sturdy shield, you would need resources (food/iron/energy) and then use a larger number of common items such as 25-100 wooden shields. I feel if we are required to use 4* items to craft other 4* items the developers may make the drop on 4* items fewer and far between.


Yea sometimes I wish there were other buildings to do things with, especially when the energy is out on all 3 flags and you have no flasks. Some of the above conversion ideas are pretty awesome. I also wish there were an academy in addition to the training camps to further push some beloved 3 or 4* heroes to become 4 and 5*, and heroes that could only ascend to 3 or 4 stripes go to 4 or 5 stripes. I realize there is money to be made by the game company, but maybe make it very limited to 1* and 1 stripe per month or something.

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I also wish there were gold coins in addition to gems, and some things we use food on we could use gold. We use food for so much and there is never enough. Maybe if there were a bank we could build for that and earn or buy gold, like some from map etc and if we want to buy gold when we buy gems we could do either or both.

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Have you seen the new “list of what we’re working on” from SG?

I love the idea of this!!! When will it possibly go into effect?

Is it on the list? Petri gives some hints how close these are to fruition. :wink:

Thank you very much!!!

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Je suis contre la version “cher” qui handicape les joueurs de condition modeste et favorise les nantis. La majorité des joueurs de Empire jouent sur téléphone pour justement ne pas devoir faire les frais d’une console ou autres dépenses inutiles


I would love to have some sort of thing like this.
The only thing that is missing in your example is a conversion for the Damascus Blade.

I personally don’t care for another version of the forge (lone player activity) preferring something the alliance players can share. But I like this basic idea.

Instead I would create an advanced building called a Mercenary Guild. At Level 1 you would unlock Quest: McGuffin. The McGuffin would be a 3* Ascension item. The McGuffin Quest would run just like the rare quests (example Frostmarch), but be visible only to the alliance. The entire alliance could participate in the McGuffin Quest.

To start the McGuffin Quest would require X number of Alliance players to donate a single 3* Ascension item, but it could be any surplus 3* Ascension item. Only co-leaders, or leaders, can activate an alliance rare quest after enough Ascension items are donated. As each player donates an Ascension items, any eligible rare quest would become available for the co-leaders, and leader, to activate for the whole alliance with other alliance rare quests showing the needed donations.

Quest: Compass (3* Ascension item) might require 8 alliance players donate one 3* Ascension item. The seven players donate 5x Chainmail Shirt, 1x Hidden Blade, 1x Trap tools. This shows Quest: Compass 7/8 to the co-leaders and leader. Another player donates a Chainmail Shirt. This shows Quest: Compass 8/8 to the co-leaders, and leader, and lets them activate it for the entire alliance.

Alliance rare quests for 4* items would require the donation of Y number of 4* items. Total number of items might vary by quest.

Built in limitations include, X alliance players would need a Mercenary Guild to activate each rare quest. Since each player can only donate one item, X alliance players would need surplus Ascension materials to activate each rare quest. Only the co-leaders, or leader, can choose and start an alliance rare quests. Completing the rare quest would require Y world energy and Z power team.

Advantages to alliance rare quests include, getting the Ascension item you want while trading a surplus Ascension item. Getting normal map loot in addition. Low level players can still get loot from the early stages of the quest, even if they don’t finish the whole quest and get the Ascension item.

Business note: Players would spend time, or gems, to improve their hero teams to complete alliance rare quests. Players would spend time, or gems, to collect Ascension materials to donate to their Mercenary Guild to fuel alliance rare quests. Cash players would spend gems on world energy. Lower level stages would allow new players to participate in the quests.

Alliance rare quest ingredients
The Mercenary Guild could also have Quest: Unobtainium. Unobtainium would be a 3* ingredient. To active the Unobtainium Quest would require X number of Alliance players to donate a single 3* ingredient, but it could be any surplus 3* ingredient. The Unobtainium Quest would run just like the alliance rare quests for Ascension materials.

Alliance rare quests for 4* ingredients would require the donation of Y number of 4* ingredients. Total number of donations might vary by quest.

Bonus Stage option
Each Quest: McGuffin and Quest: Unobtainium would have a final bonus stage for very high level teams. it would award double the quest prizes and award both an Ascension item and a ingredient.

Quest: Fine Steel would award Fine Steel for completing the second to last stage. Completing the last stage would award Fine Gloves (bonus Ascension material) and twice the Fine Steel of the previous stage (for a total of three times the Fine Steel). This bonus stage would be very challenging.

Empire ranks?
***member (no promotion required)


Need to cover not only Damascus blades, but also Compass, Fine Gloves, and Tome of Tactics.


I like the idea! It may be possible to change the production time by the amount of resources being contributed. There is an opportunity to get the necessary items. I stand still for a month, because there are no new heroes above 3 *, and three, which I can not promote - there are no items. From a long standing in one place, interest in the game falls.

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You are very right there

I would love if you could gift friends, and also after ascending a character to the max being able to fight and find certain items that increase there power into a whole new stronger version…


This topic is for Alchemy Lab.

You can look up Shortlist to see if your ideas have already made the Devs list of coming attractions.

I like the idea, but if I’m understanding your proposal - only using like levels of Ascension Materials (AM) - you would still build large numbers of the lesser AM.

I don’t think I would convert a highly rare AM because as soon as I did I would surely need it for my next ascension… an endless cycle.

Maybe allow conversion of reasonably large numbers of the lesser AM into the higher level ones. I have over 600 of a specific single star item; if they’re not going to be used for crafting, they’re a useless resource (for now cuz maybe later they will be needed?).

I’ve gotta say @Juzam, this is a great idea. Kudos!



Or just sell unwanted items and ingredients for ham and wood;)

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